The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekly Ramblings...

So I meant to blog on like Tuesday but ya know how I always mean to blog and it never happens. I am really trying to get better, I am inspired by Ashley who since it is National Blog Posting Month or something like that is determined to blog everyday. Well since our life is about the same everyday, we don't have two kids and not much exciting or adventurous happens, so that means not much to say. Maybe when that time comes I will have lots of wonderful stories too!! (Can't wait can ya Ash?)
But for now I can write about our dog haha and how on Tuesday, since the weather this month has been so awesome, we took Reggie down to the beach and gave him probably his last bath till spring, but he needed it even after a few weeks since he runs around in the woods everyday. He was so ecstatic, I told him we were going and he did his excited whine the whole way in the car. He got out onto that beach and ran and ran and chased the birds and rolled around, seriously he loves the beach more than anything. So that was a good start to the morning.
I am feeling better, yesterday was the last of the antibiotics I have left, so hopefully it stays better. I just can not get rid of this constant headache , seriously its just like a dull pain behind my eyes for like 3 weeks now. It's starting to get really frustrating.
I have been trying some new recipes lately, last night I made brushetta, tonight I am trying a honey, pineapple chicken in the crock pot. I am wanting to live in the crock pot because I am working every night now.
Last night we went to see the movie Secretariat..... omg soooo good, really it was. Even though I knew what was going to happen, obviously he wins hte races, I thought it was still exciting and emotional. Really good.
Also I am still busy working on editing pics, right now I am working on 3 weddings, 4 seniors, a family and belly pics! It's alot, oh yeah and I need to edit my own wedding pics so I can get some thank yous out!!!! They are coming!!

and thats my week so far.....

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