The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Little Bavaria

So on Saturday Ben and I took Grandma and the parents to Birch Run outlets and Frankenmuth for a mini day trip. The outlets were PACKED! Bad idea to go the weekend before Thanksgiving, wow. I feel like we were there forever and I didn't buy anything ha. Most of the time was spent surfing through crowds. Then went to Frankenmuth and ate at the Bavarian Inn and walked the shops and of course went to Bronners Christmas Wonderland and Ben and I bough our "1st Christmas" together ornament of a little bride and groom snow couple. It was so cute and we got it personalized :)
It's always fun going over there, I am so glad it is a tradition of Bens family and that this year we shared it with my family and my grandma had not been there since like the 60's so well needless to say it changed alot and I love taking her places and experiencing things through her. It makes me really happy.

Cooking Cookies

I don't know why I have been getting the cooking bug lately. I mentioned it before and I don't know if it is the change of weather or what but today I ended up cooking 3 different things all from scratch. Chocolate chip cookies, scotcheroos and no bake cookies. Except the no bake cookies turned out bad, I didn't even finish because I put all the ingredients together and then realized that I forgot to boil the sugar and coco first. My bad, but at least the other two turned out good. Reggie also enjoyed all the droppings that landed on the floor and licking the beaters and peanut butter spoons :)

MY little girls!

Last Saturday my girls had their first meet! I was so proud of them! I have a few teams at the Grand Haven YMCA and I have been working with them and it makes me so happy seeing them improve every week and work their way up to this meet and I was so proud of them and had so much fun! I don't have a lot of pics because my camera was being weird but I had a card in the video camera so we taped alot of it for them. We have another meet coming up the weekend after Thanksgiving so I promise to take pictures then!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekly Ramblings...

So I meant to blog on like Tuesday but ya know how I always mean to blog and it never happens. I am really trying to get better, I am inspired by Ashley who since it is National Blog Posting Month or something like that is determined to blog everyday. Well since our life is about the same everyday, we don't have two kids and not much exciting or adventurous happens, so that means not much to say. Maybe when that time comes I will have lots of wonderful stories too!! (Can't wait can ya Ash?)
But for now I can write about our dog haha and how on Tuesday, since the weather this month has been so awesome, we took Reggie down to the beach and gave him probably his last bath till spring, but he needed it even after a few weeks since he runs around in the woods everyday. He was so ecstatic, I told him we were going and he did his excited whine the whole way in the car. He got out onto that beach and ran and ran and chased the birds and rolled around, seriously he loves the beach more than anything. So that was a good start to the morning.
I am feeling better, yesterday was the last of the antibiotics I have left, so hopefully it stays better. I just can not get rid of this constant headache , seriously its just like a dull pain behind my eyes for like 3 weeks now. It's starting to get really frustrating.
I have been trying some new recipes lately, last night I made brushetta, tonight I am trying a honey, pineapple chicken in the crock pot. I am wanting to live in the crock pot because I am working every night now.
Last night we went to see the movie Secretariat..... omg soooo good, really it was. Even though I knew what was going to happen, obviously he wins hte races, I thought it was still exciting and emotional. Really good.
Also I am still busy working on editing pics, right now I am working on 3 weddings, 4 seniors, a family and belly pics! It's alot, oh yeah and I need to edit my own wedding pics so I can get some thank yous out!!!! They are coming!!

and thats my week so far.....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Stressed & Sick

Why does it seem that everything has to pile up at once? I swear it always happens like this, I get overwhelmed and stressed out and then wham, i'm sick. Again. I knew it was coming, this past week was so stressful I could just feel it building up more and more everyday. Then lo and behold Thursday night it hits me with the soreness first, so sore I could barely walk, wth? I didn't do like anything so why can't I walk? Who knows... Then of course I am dreading Friday, how come? Oh only because I had to drive to South of Detroit to shoot a wedding by myself. So knowing my sickness is going to peak in the morning I definitely did not want to go. All in all the drive wasn't that bad, but it was an exhausting day and I over crammed myself with meds and by the end of the day I was so weak and sore all over again. Definitely have changed and do not like taking long drives or mini trips without Ben :( Its just not the same.
On another note I am just really frustrated and feel defeated in ways with photography. I don't want to go into it in detail because I know alot of my photo friends read this and I don't want anyone to think its about them. There's just people who have taken the joy out of it for me and certain events and other things that have just made me take a few steps back. So if budget can allow, I will probably only be booking about 2 or 3 more weddings this summer. I already have some bookings, but that will cut me in half with weddings for next summer. I think that will just make me happier for right now and less stressed when it gets around to this time next year. There's just alot going on with photo stuff right now and its just changed, I have many reasons that have made me feel this way. I still love it my passion and vision hasn't changed its just put things in a different perspective and made me want to make a few changes. So thats that. Things will probably start to change there starting the next year.
Nothing exciting happened this week as far as Married life goes I feel as if I am constantly cleaning the house and there is always piles of laundry to do. It was never like this living with just me (no offense Ben) I would much rather live with him then without him, but seriously how is it so drastic!! I am sure this is a common thing for every newlywed to say and I can hear you Ashley thinking (just wait to you have kids Suz...) So that is another adjustment.
I also picked up some extra shifts this session Coaching at the Y. I really really love it and I hope I am making a difference in those kids lives. I am so excited they have their first competitive meet this weekend!! I can't wait! But back to the point of coaching more, I am now working every week night and its really hard because I am trying to make meals almost every night and so I want to be living for the crockpot but sometimes I just don't get it done on time and I hate not being able to be home and have dinner on the table every night for Ben. I have been getting so many cravings lately to want to make cookies, or oatmeal snacks, or just baking, I think its a fall thing :)
Hopefully I will get on a schedule... Anyone have any good crockpot recipes I need them!! Oh yeah and easy/fast ones.... I never have enough time! Please facebook message them to me!

On the last note....
Reggie needs a bath... its been weeks since he went swimming.

And I am counting down the days to vacation and DISNEY!!!! UGHH I can't wait I desperately need it and I am just excited!

Which leads me to alot of JJ because its so light and tropical :)

Currently Listening to:
Jack Johnson: To The Sea
Only the Ocean ~
And this work is done, And this cold is dry
When this world's too much
It will be only the ocean and me
When these sails go up, Mountanis fade away
Stars come back, I'm finally free
It's only the ocean and me

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1 month!

This is for my husband. The love of my life. We made it a month already! Not that I had any doubts at all and honestly it hasn't changed that much from before, but the one thing I do love is waking up to your arms around me and your beautiful face everyday. I can't believe we have already been married a month! It has flown by, I feel like our wedding was like last year and although I still remember all the details I feel like we have been living together forever. (which we haven't, for all those who are reading). I can't even think back on my life just a mere 3 years ago before we met, it was totally different and I can't imagine life without you in it. Your my best friend, my soul mate, the other love of my life (Reggie being the other). Everyday is wonderful and happiness is abundant because you are there to share every moment with me. I can't wait to come home from work and share all the details about my day and just spend time with you and I know that you feel the same. I can't wait to go on more vacations and share more laughs and secrets with you. I love you more and more everyday because you are such an amazing, genuine person. I look forward to many more months... thousands in fact :) The more the better as long as its forever & always. I Love You!

I'll end this on our first dance song!
Brad Paisley: American Saturday Night
Then ~
Now you're my whole life, Now you're my whole world
I just can't believe the way I feel about you girl
We'll look back someday, At this moment that we're in
And I'll look at you and say, I thought I loved you then