The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Honeymoon :)

Honeymoon #1. I call it that because we are actually having a bunch of short ones we are calling them "mini- moons" So the first one was up to Traverse City for the weekend. It was so fun! We started out on Friday and drove up to the city and checked in to our wonderful beachside room overlooking the bay. Let me just say weatherwise the weekend was so perfect! It was so warm, there were a few times throughout the weekend that Ben and I both said a few times that we wished we would of packed shorts! So friday evening we drove up to the Leelenau Peninsula, I had never been there and Ben had been wanting to take me. I loved it, it is this quaint little fishing town on the water with all these old little shops and built on the river with a big dam waterfall flowing into the Lake Michigan. Ben and I enjoyed watching the river otters and watching the fish try and jump over the dam. After walking around there for a little bit we went out to this nice expensive restaurant and ate some delicious food!
Saturday we woke up and drove up to Mackinaw City for the day, no not the island, just the city and also went across the bridge and into the UP and went on a short little drive up to castle rock and Ben and I climbed it!! The scenery was beautiful! It was the peak fall weather and a warm day, clear skies. It couldn't be better. Then we walked around downtown and went in all the shops and bought some fudge and souveniers, then drove back to our hotel in Traverse. We then went downtown there for a late dinner and then just chilled out.
On Sunday we went across the street and played mini golf together at Pirate's Cove, Ben won :( Then we drove up to Mission Point and spent the afternoon going in some wineries and just driving around soaking up the amazing weather and scenery. I just love it there. Then off to downtown and in some more shops and more souvenirs and then off to a late lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in TC the North Peak Brewery. And omg I had this amazing, amazing sandwhich. Can't even remember what was in it, but it had this like jelly on it and meat and bacon and powered sugar and hers... I know sounds really gross but it was sooo good!
So that about sums up the weekend! An awesome first start to being married and it was perfect and I can't wait till our next mini moon our vacation at DISNEY!! Ben has never even been to Florida let alone disney or seen the ocean so I am beyond EXCITED!!!! But I have to wait 2 months!!
well here are some pics from our Traverse City Honeymoon!

The winery where Ben stole some grapes :)

Mini golf with our pirate faces on!

The Bridge!

Castle Rock where we climbed up!

A stop in Petosky to look for stones and found this waterfall!

The sunset at Leelenau

Standing on the dam looking out at the Lake

The Dam looking out. Do you see the fish in the bottom left corner trying to jump?

Leelenau shops

I just loved this sign.... made me think of my grandparents in heaven :)

Watching all the fish off the docks

The surprise river otters under the docks in Leelenau

The gorgeous fall scenery

Ben and I


  1. awww suz :) I just caught up on all your new posts :) Sounds like you're loving married life :)

    PS- you could solve the problem of not having any kids around to carve pumpkins with... by having your own.. JUST SAYING... I need a friend to have some babies.... I can't convince Ang... so now its onto you... :)

  2. hahahaha yeah I keep freaking out that I accidentally get pregnant!! Only cuz two of my friends just announced it, as a surprise! So definitely no plans at all!!! We don't want one yet, got to wait till Ben finishes school... but who knows it may be a surprise to everyone!!!! AHHHHHHH