The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Art Prize 10-7-10

So let's pretend that today is Thursday 10-7-10. I woke up with Ben (which is the best part about married and living with him) and went to class with him at Grand Valley. He only has one on thursdays so I just played on my computer a bit and then we walked around downtown Grand Rapids and viewed alot of the art prize exhibits and to the Ford Museum. We had a wonderful day together and it was a wonderful early start to our Traverse City honeymoon. I will leave you with some pictures of our day together!

Ben at the Museum in front of the moose! He loved all the animals :)

I just loved this picture of the sunset spanned out over the pictures. It has such a stronger effect!

Loved the carved tree. This is one of our favorites! Ben loved the deer and fish and turtle and wolf and I loved the dolphins and turtle and wolf and all of it!!

I just loved this gymnast statue :)

End of the tunnel :)

Ben didn't want to smile!

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