The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yes. So much has happened since even my brief blog right after the wedding. So now I am going to continue on that and go into more detail about the wedding. So I titled this post 10.2.10 obviously so I can remember how special and amazing the day was.
For starters it was just perfect, really it was. I know alot of people say that after their wedding they go back and was like "I wish I would of done this differently, or it should of looked like this..." and so on. I feel like I don't have many thoughts like that, the only thing was that there was some specific people that I wish we would of gotten around to talk and catch up with! Some people I know traveled some miles to come and share the day with us and I feel bad we didn't get to say thank you and talk with them more. So I apologize ot those of you who we didn't say thank you to. We really appreciate you coming and taking time to share not only the day with us but the journey we are taking together and the love and support you have given. It means so much to us. The day truly does fly by and its all a blur. I look back and I do remember everything, every detail but it really did go by so fast. I loved every minute of it. I want to remember it exactly the way it was.
I'll start with Friday, Rehearsal day. I woke up early (thanks ang haha) I had to go pick Angela up at the hospital where her new job is (which I love that she works over here now!) and then we headed to the mall to get a manicure and pedicure and a massage for me :) Which was totally relaxing and helped me get rid of the stress of t he week. Which was really really bad awful week. I totally did not want a wedding at all. I got really depressed by people's comments. But back to rehearsal after that all our friends pitched in and I am so thankful for all the help we had. Our friends and family helped tie programs, table seating, pick up chairs, pick up linens, decorate the room, set up rehearsal dinner, and the list goes on. I can't even remember there was so much help and we really appreciate how everyone came together and did so much. Thank you. Rehearsal went smoothly, I wasn't one to expect it to be perfect, I feel like there is so many little things that happen on t he wedding day that no one will remember so why stress about them before hand. So the one amazing thing was there was a big storm cloud hovering when we started rehearsal and then it just wasn't there and there was a break in the clouds and it the sun was setting and just streaming through in streaks and it was beautiful. We then went up to dinner outside on the patio and it was just perfect. Ben's parents did a wonderful job and all the food was delicious everyone loved it and honestly it couldn't of gone better. There was patio lights and candles and it was warm and cozy and it was just so nice having all our friends and family together and hanging out and just relaxing. Ben gave me as a wedding present "Dance, Dance Revolution" and I was so excited!!! I have been wanting it forever! After that we did some more setting up and then down to the beach where the boys were impatiently waiting at the bonfire with fireworks! And just as the rest of us joined there was a light rain starting so we quickly did smores and more fireworks and ended the night early. So Angela and I went back to the house and I worked on finishing the slideshow then went to bed early! It was so nice!
Saturday morning. Slept in a little bit which was nice again. Then got up and went to Maranatha did some more errands and checked out the room, met the florist and did a few things. Then back to the condo to get ready with my crew of hair and makeup haha. Connie Hinkley (with help from brooke) did my hair, which turned out beautifully and the curls held all day! And my friend Emily Garrett from Maranatha did my makeup, which was also amazing. It was so nice and relaxing to be at the condo with all the girls and get ready and have everyone there and watching the little flower girls run around with Reggie and having mom and grandma fix some food and all the bridesmaids and my sister in law helping and just laughing and enjoying the morning with everyone. I was just sitting there in the chair and I kept thinking "wow I can't believe today I am actually getting married" it just felt surreal. After getting into my dress with help from lots of ladies haha we headed down to the beach. Where I snuck away up to the condo while everyone else greeted people and finsihed setting up on the beach. It was so cool being up on the 3rd floor condo and peeking out the window and watching Ben and everyone else just go on their way and all the guests coming and I loved that no one knew I was there but I still felt really involved because I was watching everything. I loved it. Then all my girls surprised me and came up there with me and we waited till everyone arrived then made our way back down and started the ceremony.
Cermeony, now I have always wondered with as many weddings as I go to every year if I would get as bored during my own ceremony as I do with everyone elses. And I must say it wasn't as bad haha. I just kept looking at Ben and thinking "wow this is MY wedding, this is really happening, I love him and I am so excited" there as just so many emotions. I feel like it was just the two of us. I remember walking down the aisle and looking at him and knowing he was happy and loved me and i felt all that and nothing else in the world mattered :) I loved standing there holding his hand, reading our vows we wrote for eachother and pouring our sand and the moments we stole right after that and hearing the song and just looking at him and never loving him more. One of my favorite moments was right as we were announced and presented to the guests and Mr. and Mrs. Eller and we turned around and there was a light misting rain. The whole day was beautiful blue skies and big puffy clouds, but at that moment right at the end of the ceremony it started misting and I remember feeling "wow this is so amazing" now I know no one would probably think what its raining and you loved it? But I did, it was perfect timing and it was awesome walking back down the aisle on the beach with a blue sky but a light misting rain. Hey they say rain on the wedding day is good luck and it seriously only lasted like ten minutes, but at the moment it was magical and perfect and it made the whole ceremony even more surreal and like a fairytale. I definitely would not of changed the rain :)
So after all the pics Ben and I rode up in the horse drawn carriage from the beach and entered the reception. Which was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Everyone did a wonderful, amazing job on the reception, especially my Mom and Connie who worked so hard the day before. Thank you, it was perfect! The reception really did fly by the fastest. We had toasts and dinner (which was sooo good and we had raving reviews from the guests) then we did cake cutting (thank you to Kendon and Courtney who did a beyond amazing job on our not normal wedding cake !! we loved it) and then dances. It flew by, the reception was a blur. I remember dancing with Ben and bouquet toss, garter toss, and all the other normal things. Ben and I ran out through a tunnel of sparklers into our decorated car and headed off for a beyond amazing finish to a beautiful, perfect day full of happiness and love. Thank you to everyone who made it happen and thank you for the love and support of our friends and families who shared the day with us. The thank yous could go on and on but It was truly a day we will never forget and will cherish forever.


p.s. - As for pictures, I finally made an album on facebook. I have been trying to get caught up on past clients and orders of seniors and weddings which I sadly pushed to the side for my own wedding. So I put two full wedding albums on facebook for those of you who are wanting to see pictures. I haven't had a chance to edit them at all or barely look through them all, but I know everyone was asking and wanted to see them. I made the albums public so even if you aren't my friend you can still view them! Also if you don't have facebook you can let me know and I can still share the albums with you. So please let me know if you want to see them!

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