The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is a much needed update, I don't remember what I blogged about the last time. Honestly not much has happened, summer is winding down and Ben has been preparing to go back to school. We got his books ordered and class schedule finalized and I just have been editing and working like crazy. Whats new eh? I am realizing we are down to only a few weeks now till the wedding which I am soooo excited about and we are handling some of the details now. We are trying to round up some people to help out and do a few things, so if anyone is interested??? haha. OH the details!
Other than that we had one of longtime friends Aprils wedding this weekend. April is a Maranatha friend so it was nice to have everyone actually together for a weekend (sadly not Deb and Jake, we missed you!!) and it was an awesome wedding, a beach wedding and we are going to end up having pretty similar weddings haha. It was nice to see things laid out though and it helps with a few planning ideas for ours and also makes the reality a lot closer. As for those friends we had everyone over to our new home this weekend! I love that we are pretty settled now and its fun to have get togethers with friends and have our own place. I am not sure there is going to be much of an adjustment when Ben and I get married, all of our friends feel like we already are. It feels that way for the most part except the best part of the day we don't get to experience together with each other yet, waking up with him and falling asleep together. I think that is what we are looking forward to the most. Just ending the day on a good note and starting it on a good note. Together.
Today I had my last bridal shower with Bens family. His mom and sister and Jess did an amazing job and everything was perfect. I am so thankful to be marrying into such a wonderful family and it was very nice to meet alot of his family I have not met yet before the wedding. It will make it more special not having strangers there.
I can't wait for the wedding to be over!

That's all for now! More updates soon, I have a busy week and a lots of picture jobs!!

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