The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lake Huron!!

So this past weekend I had a wedding to shoot way up North East in East Tawas City right on Lake Huron. I was looking forward to this some to just get away and Ben and I to have a break from work, well him to have a break from work and school (his exams were this week). But at the same time it was work for me to shoot the wedding. But it was an awesome weekend. We honestly don't get to spend very much time together at all, we both have been extremely busy this summer and it really stinks. So it was super nice having time together even just sitting together holding hands in the car. The simple things that we haven't taken time to enjoy. So here is a short run down of our weekend, followed by the picture story!
- Friday morning we took off, I had to stop like 10 times (seriously) for a bathroom break. I was so excited that I finally got my Keurig coffee maker on Thursday afternoon so I have been downing coffee like its water, which therefore makes me have to use the restroom like every 5 minutes. The plan was to make it like a half hour before rehearsal and have time to go check in at the hotel and unload. But no we made it like right on time and walked into the church and changed. Shot rehearsal and then out to rehearsal dinner. SOOOO good. It was at this Chinese Restaurant and we got to try like 4 different things and they gave us these very cute bottles of wine with their cute picture and date on them. Seriously we were starved and dinner was awesome. Then went and checked in and unloaded and finally rested for a few and then went for a stroll to the downtown area. We were a little late and most of the shops had closed but we walked down the pier and there was a fountain and the wind was blowing and it totally reminded me of the ocean for some reason, not a lake. It smelled different than Lake Michigan.
- Saturday, I got up nice and early and headed out to the salon to meet the girls. It was a very long day of pictures, much longer than most weddings I do. The bride was awesome and planned a lot of time in between ceremony and reception so I loved having a lot of time to take pics and go a few places. Everything went very smoothly throughout the day and I am once again really happy with how everything turned out. Late night, but awesome time, great wedding and nice catching up with some old friends. Missed you though Heidi!!!
- Sunday morning Ben and I packed up and headed downtown and went in a few shops (that were closed on Friday evening) and then headed out to check out the lighthouse. Neither of us had seen it so it was only a few minutes away and we thought it was worth the drive. Then started to head back on the 4 1/2 hour drive. We stopped a few places along the way, ate and some hole in the wall local joint (their always amazing food) in Houghton and wanted to check out Houghton Lake (the largest inland lake in MI at 22,000 acres!) I really really wish we had time to fish at least once over the weekend. I really wanted to and I know Ben would of loved it, but we just didn't. This lake would of been awesome to try in and I have been really excited to try my new fishing pole that Ben just bought me :) We also stopped in Baldwin at one of Ben's favorite shops/towns. So I am sad that we didn't squeeze that in but hopefully we can make it out sometime this week!!
As soon as we got back I came straight down to the beach for a family session with Meredith, Wes and the kids. Love these kiddos and it was a complete candid shoot... who knows what I turned up with we shall see.

I am glad to be back home and completely exhausted and now gonna head off to bed. I will leave with some photos from this weekend and check back soon to see some wedding photos of Kate and Darby and some family pics of the Kents! I have lots of sneak peeks coming!!!

At Houghton Lake

On the Pier in East Tawas on Lake Huron

A really bad picture (but the only picture) of us dressed up from the Wedding!

In front of the fountain!

In front of the fountain but you can't see it haha

My randomness of the beautiful scenery out the passenger window!

East Tawas Lighthouse

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