The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthdays and Dogs!

So just wanted to share a pic of Ben, Reggie and I on his birthday. It was the 21th and we went out to eat with my parents on the night of and then went out with his family the Friday after (since his dad was out of town). So it was nice to spend time with both our families, since honestly that hasn't happened like at all this summer. Way too busy.
The other new comment is we bought Reggie a lifejacket!!! HAHA.
Now don't even start thinking we are ridiculous. Reggie has not tried to kill you (by drowning on a yellow flag day) nor have you had to go out like 1/2 mile into Lake Michigan and save him with the jetski (ben saved me first). This dog LOVES LOVES LOVES swimming. Seriously to the point where he will swim like an hour straight in the lake, even on a red flag day, he'll swim out deep, over Ben and mine heads. He won't stop, he never wants to get out of the water, so he just keeps going deeper. So now he has a lifejacket, so I don't have any more attempts at drowning on a yellow flag day trying to get him to come to shore.
By the way... we are not mean, he loves the jacket. Seriously. He can swim longer cuz it helps him float. and the bright orange makes me less worried about him getting run over by a boater! And now we just let him swim and don't care where he goes haha.
I thought these were so adorable :)

Loves, loves, loves the water.

Ben, Reggie and I on the beach for Ben's birthday :)

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