The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthdays and Dogs!

So just wanted to share a pic of Ben, Reggie and I on his birthday. It was the 21th and we went out to eat with my parents on the night of and then went out with his family the Friday after (since his dad was out of town). So it was nice to spend time with both our families, since honestly that hasn't happened like at all this summer. Way too busy.
The other new comment is we bought Reggie a lifejacket!!! HAHA.
Now don't even start thinking we are ridiculous. Reggie has not tried to kill you (by drowning on a yellow flag day) nor have you had to go out like 1/2 mile into Lake Michigan and save him with the jetski (ben saved me first). This dog LOVES LOVES LOVES swimming. Seriously to the point where he will swim like an hour straight in the lake, even on a red flag day, he'll swim out deep, over Ben and mine heads. He won't stop, he never wants to get out of the water, so he just keeps going deeper. So now he has a lifejacket, so I don't have any more attempts at drowning on a yellow flag day trying to get him to come to shore.
By the way... we are not mean, he loves the jacket. Seriously. He can swim longer cuz it helps him float. and the bright orange makes me less worried about him getting run over by a boater! And now we just let him swim and don't care where he goes haha.
I thought these were so adorable :)

Loves, loves, loves the water.

Ben, Reggie and I on the beach for Ben's birthday :)

Senior! Rachel Hunt!

Meet Rachel
Beautiful smile and full of personality
A natural model with a natural ease in front of the camera.
So photogenic, how do you choose your favorite?!
Thank you for choosing me to capture your personality, I had a blast spending the day with you!

Sneak Peek... Brooke and Steve

Congrats to the most gorgeous, cutest couple ever! I Love you both so much and I am so glad I got to share in your day and that you get to share in my big day! You are both amazing and so sweet and I wish you nothing but the longest, happiest life together :)


This is my vent, so don't bother reading. I am still in my funk, if you bothered to read the earlier post. Sure there have been moments where I came above the drowning but I seem to be sinking back in again. I don't know why I am still overwhelmed I don't know why I can't get out of this, it just seems there is so much going on and I don't know what to tackle first. So I am just going to be selfish and make a list of I wants and I cant's. Then hopefully it will only go up from here.

- I want summer to be over, I know no one in their right mind would say that. Anyone who knows me even vaguely knows that I would never wish for summer to be over. I have been to the beach like maybe 7 times this year. Which just makes it worse when its literally 2 miles away and we make it down like once a week or two and it never even seems to be that long.

- I want summer to be over, because I want the summer weddings to be over. I think I am completely burned out and am losing my passion for photography.Which I hate, I hate that I don't look forward to weddings anymore. (mainly just weddings).

- I have decided that next summer I am not going to take on as many weddings as I have been doing for the past 5 years. It's just too much for one person to handle. I want someone to work with me. Someone permanent.

- I am really discouraged with my photography right now. Not specifically my work, more with others. I feel like I am being under appreciated and credit isn't given where it is due. I hate getting ideas stolen. I feel like I have been walked all over when it comes to photography and I have kept my mouth shut. I wish I didn't know any other photographers, that it was just me, like back in the beginning. I wish people would actually comment on pictures I take hours posting and editing, not just for me knowing that people are actually looking and honestly like them, for my clients who are being posted on my behalf and are secretly hoping everyone will like their pictures also. I hate sitting for days checking every few hours, hoping for at least one positive thing. I have never been this way, but its happening to others, why am I not getting praised? I feel like I truly have been overlooked and fallen off the map. I'm old news.

- On a positive note, I am loving Seniors! This summer has been all weddings and I have so been looking forward to this week and have been very excited to do some shoots! I am loving what is turning out and only wishing the rest of the world did too (as mentioned in comment above). I guess as long as the client is happy thats all that matters right? I wish.

- I want summer to be over because I want my wedding to be over. Honestly. I want normal. I want to see Ben for longer than like 30 minutes a day. I hate it, its even worse then not seeing him at all. I have barely done any planning but I don't even get excited because I don't even have time for it. The rest of the details I could really care less about. I don't want to spend the money, honestly I don't. If it was "proper" of me I would totally not do party favors, I know your supposed to leave your guests something, but their choosing to participate in the day, im not making them. Isn't it like an unsaid thank you? Same with thank you notes. Now really do I have time to sit down and spend a few hours out of my day doing those. Absolutely not. I am only doing them for my mom and Grandma. Really there is so many other things I could do with my time. Like editing pictures, meeting clients, returning phone calls, unpacking my house which still isn't unpacked after a month and a half, cleaning my house which hasn't been cleaned at all yet and it's been a month and a half. I don't want to be proper. I want to elope and not spend money on things that are going to be seen and not appreciated for like an hour. No one is going to remember the flowers on the table, or what color the linens are or anything specific like that. They should be remembering Ben and I and the commitment we are making and the meaning and the happiness, if they remember that I chose to use plastic instead of china or pop cans instead of fancy glasses, well I would rather be remembered for spending wisely and having money for the future then blowing it all on one day on little things I am not going to remember. I don't care. Is that so bad? I want Ben not a party. I want to live with him and have him here when I come home, to make dinner when he comes home. To sit down and tell eachother about our day, not have to text it or the few minutes we do see eachother talk about how exhausted we are and sorry that we can't do anything for each other.

- I want people to stop complaining about the way I do things. So what if I want a cabin theme in my house or if I like an antler candelabra, or that I like wooden, rustic outside things. Just because you don't doesn't mean you have to ruin my enjoyment and happiness over decorating my new home. Because I am excited. This is me, this is Ben, this is what we love. I am not going overboard and having like deer and bears all over the place, if I have a few unique rustic pieces, let me. I obviously bought them or registered for them because we loved them. If I needed to ask your permission if its to your standards or if you like it then I would of taken you to the store and register with us. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But don't walk in my house and say "wow, why would you get that, i don't like it" well I don't care, keep your mouth shut. I don't do that to you. And please don't tell me "thats not you" obviously you really, really don't know me. Don't tell me the kind of person I am and the things I like, the way I should do things. If you knew me at all, you would know what makes me happy and not try to take that happiness away from me. Its like standard politeness 101.

- I don't want to have a wedding, because I don't want to have wedding pictures. I am disgusted with myself and that I don't even have time to work out before my own fricken wedding. Trust me if I had time then I would. I want to wait like a year to get wedding pictures. There is no way I will look like what I want by the wedding. Not that I am determined to lose like 20 pounds and be all toned. Trust me I would be happy with 5lbs and a little less flubber in the arms. Anything, anything smaller than what I am. Even just me toned up. I know I have to be realistic. I hate summer, I hate seeing women in their 50's who have had like 5 kids and look way hotter than I do. How is that possible? I hate those people who are like "hey i've lost this much" well hey maybe if I had time to spend 2 hours a day working out I could to. I'm stressed and my being stressed does not resort to losing weight its the opposite. Why am I not one of those lucky ones who sheds like 5 lbs when they get stressed. It's depressing. And please stop making comments and pointing it out that yes I am not in shape for my wedding. I do realize this and I think about it constantly. I don't need to think about that everyone else feels the same way that I do.

- I just want normal. I want to be married. I want to see Ben, I want to have time to clean and cook and hang some pictures on the wall. I want to enjoy my own life. I don't want to cry myself to sleep.

This is a vent, I know these feelings will pass, I know summer will go quickly and I will wish it had stayed. I am happy. But I just feel like I am sinking and I'm not getting out. It's not permanent.

Monday, July 26, 2010


So its been a few days but I have had a lot of photo work this past week and coming up! I am slowing editing away at everything so will then have new posts to put up! Tonight I shot a senior and tomorrow I have family pics and then Thursday- Senior, Friday-Senior and Saturday - Wedding! So its an extremely busy week and I do have lots to share so more blog posts coming very very soon! Keep checking :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

April & Mike

So earlier this spring I introduced you to one of my good Maranatha friends April and her fiance Mike! Well here we are again just weeks before their big day and we did another engagement shoot in the sun instead of the snow :) So here's a sneak peek of their second shoot! Their snow pic on the beach

Loved the sundress :)

Love love love

Jerrad & Molly

Here's a few pics from the Engagement Pic session we did!!


This has definitely been a week of engagements for me, on Monday Ben and I got to hide out on the Grand Haven pier with our cameras and capture an actual engagement proposal! It was so exciting, I have only done this twice and I love it. It is actually Ben's cousin Jerrad who is actually the one that introduced us. So it was really exciting that it was someone who we will have in out life forever. It as our first time meeting Molly because Jerrad and her attend school in Washington so no one has had a chance to meet her yet. Well we finally did and she is so sweet and beautiful and I can't wait to see her again! Here's a few pics from the proposal!

Ben (dressed normal) and my trying to look like a
boy with my hair tucked up under my cap haha!

Ben took this beautiful pic of them walking and him stalking behind!

Love You!!! Congrats!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kaitlyn & Zack... Sneak Peek!

Meet Zack & Kaitlyn and their
Young, Fun and up for anything Bridal Party!
Had a blast spending the day with them, it was a joy watching the way their love for each other just shine :)

Gorgeous Bride

The (actually not) Serious Handsome Men

First Kiss

Handsome Groom

Beautiful Couple


Hello Models :) Love it.

Who wants to steal her away?

Who doesn't love Zack? :)

First Dance :) So cute!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ben brought me home another bouquet of wildflowers today :) How am I the luckiest girl in the world?!

I caught my First Fish!!!

So we went fishing last Wednesday and I finally caught my first fish! It was a rainbow trout and Ben and I both caught 2! It was so exciting! I'll let the pictures tell the story :) I am officially addicted!

Ben's fish

Yeah so ignore the excited look on my face haha

My first fish

Holiday and in between

So its been a lil while since I last blogged and as you all know it was a bit of a downer. Well I am hanging in there, its just so busy I can't even get a grasp on things. I mean for all those who know me and know me well, I have only been to the beach 5 times this summer!! And not even for a whole day! SO crazy huh? Like its that busy and stressful I can barely tear myself away from the new house and work to get down there. The only times I have gone down is when we have made plans with family. Nothing much exciting has been going on, just same old same old. So I'm just gonna give a few random updates.

- Wedding update, finally have my bridesmaids dresses ordered and invitations are in. Working on getting addresses and next few steps are tuxes and catering stuff done.

- Fishing- OH wait I think this needs its own post because its so special :)

- July 4th- The whole clan cousins and all was up for the day. Everyone went down to the beach and it was fun hanging out with them all. Cute watching the little ones play together :) Here's a few pics.
* Riley is my niece and the boys Caleb and Josiah are my cousin Ryan and Lindsay's little ones.

Ben showing Riley how to use her new fishing pole :)

Beach time!

Caleb who will be a mighty baseball player :)

Joe seeing his reflection in my camera lens

Blowing Bubbles :)

Joe loved the bubbles haha

Uncle Denny and Caleb going for a ride

As for the actual fireworks Ben was working security at Maranatha so I just stuck around to hang out with him, so we went down to the beach and saw some going off on both sides down the beach and even could see Grand Havens in the distance. So sure no massive fireworks, but we were together and thats all that matters. Of course it had to be documented though!

Our attempt at a family pic haha

Someone nicely came up and offered after our many failed attempts!

Sneak Peek... Noelle

Meet the adorable Noelle
At 6 months she is full of smiles and sparkling eyes

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sneak Peek... Stephanie & Brent

I first introduced you to this Wonderfully, simple couple back in the fall when we did engagement pics on an apple orchard, where I had an awesome time getting to know them and hang out for a little.
I absolutely loved, loved this wedding! It was a true country wedding and everything my heart desires :) Between hayrides, ceremony in a barn, reception in a barn, lots of cowboy boots and tractor rides.... can't think of anything I didn't enjoy about this day! Oh yeah and their Wedding Day will forever be shared with my Birthday :) I love the pics and can't wait to share more with you!