The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pink Eye

I can't believe it is June already! It's just unbelievable how time flies! We are down to 4 months until the wedding :) Other than that I am busy spending hours and hours on editing every day. Literally. With the academy dance pictures I also have two weddings and a senior and Ben and I just had our engagement pictures done this week as well. Which I will totally get to editing those and putting them up but for now there is a lot more to deal with first.
Starting last weekend, on Sunday I went to the Urgent Care in the morning because my eye was so red and swollen, so off we went and I can't go without mentioning I have the best fiance ever because he got up and out of bed at like 8:30 and met me there completely unexpected! Now for Ben to get out of bed before like noon is a miracle and I am just constantly blown away by him as time goes on. He is more than anything I ever expected or thought I deserved. So anyways back to the pink eye, so they said it was or could be a mixture between a pink eye and allergies. So we got both eye drops just to knock them both out and hopefully get rid of it. Everyday it got a little less swollen and puffy but the white part of my eye got a little more red, so it was working some, I am not puffed up and can actually open my eye now. Then this morning I woke up and both my eyes were crusted over and now the other eye is really red too :( So yes working at my computer all day is adding so much stress on me emotionally and physically in so many ways, my neck and back are just completely messed up at this point, not to mention my shoulder is completely out of joint i swear and now both my eyes have pink eye!!! Just one more week though, one more week. Just have to make it through. Then I can blog more.

On a good note, I got my sample wedding invitation in the mail today and it makes me sooooo excited!!! 4 more months!!

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