The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance

So for the Month of May I am consumed by Dance! I go in for a whole week and take class and individual photos everyday. Then I proceed to edit, order, size, print & package for the three weeks until Recital Weekend. Once Recital weekend is here there are 4 shows that I am taking pictures for during and then handing out the finished packaged prints before, intermission and after shows. So its never ending.
This month was just extra long and hard because of the living situation (see blog post below) and trying to buy a house, pink eye, planning a wedding, shooting weddings and just a lot of chaos.
There are over 60 different classes ranging from Ballet, Jazz, Karate, Tap, Irish, Gymnastics, Hip Hop and i'm sure more... Then in every class there is anywhere from like 6-20 kids, so you do the math... that's a lot of pictures to edit!!!
So here is a picture explanation for all those who don't exactly know what I work on!!

by the way the theme for the recital this year was Lion King!!

Lion King: Full Jackson Ballet Company Cast

Little Ballerinas

Company Cast Photos

Tap Class

Recital Action Pictures (Jazz Class Performance)

Company Ballet Picture

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