The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, June 14, 2010

Complete and utter Chaos

So I thought I would update on my living status... since right now I am living out of tubs and cars and just a lot of chaos. Also as busy and as hard as it has been this past month doing the Academy Dance Pics, I also have not had my normal computer/office/work station. As you can tell from the picture I have been working on a bar stool right next to the stove. So its a little cramped and a whole lot Killer on my back!! Like serious neck and back issues.
I will let the pictures explain themselves.....

p.s. It's been over a month now I have been living like this! Oh yeah and t wo weeks I have had pink eye too!!!

My small narrow closet, with stacks of clothes on the shelf.

The other tubs I am living out of blocking off the foot of the bed, there is actually 5 tubs here!

My food in tubs on the floor

My car which is loaded up including the whole backseat!

My backbreaking computer/office station! Seriously sucks!

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