The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A break from Editing

So this week has been nothing but editing, editing and more editing... For those who don't know, every year I do this huge huge huge job and I take the costume, recital, studio pics for the Academy of the Arts Dance Studio (Jackson Ballet Company) in Spring Arbor. It is about 6 hours everyday for 4 days and there is usually any where from 2-4 classes that I photograph per hour. So yes a lot of classes. I think there is like 50 or so. Which means a lot of work to do for me in just a few short weeks before recital when I hand the pics out. So I spend more than a few hours everyday working on them.So last night I took a break from editing and went fishing for the first time this season with Ben and his Dad. Now it is only the second time I have actually gone fly fishing. There has been a few times where I just walked around and watched and stuff, then one time the end of last year I actually got in and got taught. So well I hardly remember from last year to this year how to do it, so a quick lesson later and I am out casting again. This time was definitely way more exciting because were standing in the middle of the river and the fish were jumping like crazy and I could see them go up and out of the water and back in. Which I think is exciting in itself. Then also I think it was a big heron was there just wading in the river right by us and he kept diving in and catching big fish in his mouth, which was really cool and entertaining to watch too! So yes the fish were biting and I believe I may have had one or two bites. The first time I freaked and was like Ben what do I do?! But it wasn't really like full on bites just splashes and tugs and so then I had to stop and have a lesson on waht actually to do if I get a bite! Ha! I am pretty sure that first time he was on the line, but I had no idea! So anyways I definitely did not want to get out of the river even though it was after dark and I was cold and I just wanted to keep going till I got something :) I am definitely in love with fly fishing now. Sure I get bored a few times, but I told Ben I want my own rod now because I don't like sharing because I just want to keep going all the time and I am so impatient when they have to tie on flys and I can't actually fish! I am so so so happy that I really enjoy doing something Ben loves because I am so upset and frustrated that snow boarding is taking me a long time to catch on and I am frustrated that I end up with a concussion after every trip to the hills and that I just can't do it and keep falling and I make everyone else have less fun because I am slow and on the small hills. So I very upset about that, so I glad that there is something else I am good at and that I love that is such a strong passion of Bens. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with him in the river watching him be so happy and that now we get to share those experiences together :)

Currently Listening to:
Eric Church: Carolina

Carolina ~
There's a cabin in a valley,
My grandpa built on your land.
Your mountains are a canvas,
For the makers hand.

Tonight I'm fishing up a river,
If only in my mind.
No, I haven't seen her banks in such a long, long time.

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