The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Walk in the Woods

So yesterday Ben and I went up to the woods. It has been so nice out lately and the snow is almost melted. We love going up there, especially Ben, its one of his favorite places ever. Of course Reggie came too, because how mean would that be to go up there and not let Reggie run around in the middle of nowhere? He was due a good walk anyways since hes been playing outside on his own (no walks) for a few days now in the warm weather. Another reason we wanted to head up there was to try out my new, and first gun ever. Well its not new, we bought it from my uncle, but I actually have one now! I never thought I would be the type to own one, let alone I was always somewhat of an anti-hunter, and not that I plan on going hunting anytime soon. It's nice to have one and makes me feel a little more comfortable living on my own. The past few years I have really wanted one around to make me feel more comfortable. I know thats what having a big dog around is for, but it would just shatter my heart into pieces if something ever happened to him. I really can't live without him.
So it was a wonderful day spending some quality time with my two favorite boys and having some fun. Enjoying the warm sunshine and beautiful scenery as well. Oh yeah and I always have fun blowing up the clay targets and impressing my fiance with my aim :) Well trying to!
I've added some pics.... they basically tell the story of our day in the woods!

So this is Reggie in the truck.
Begging for Goldfish crackers.
"Please... I'm so adorable"
(note the super cute puppy dog look)
"i'll be really good I promise"
(even though i dug into your purse and ate cough drops earlier)
He knows I cave in everytime. I can't say No.
Do you blame me?

Ben playing with the new gun

I thought it was cute,
Reggie kept jumping up and licking Ben when they were walking together!

Playing Fetch

I Love Love this pic :) So precious.

The new gun
my first.

Haha love this action shot of Reggie running after the stick when Ben says "fetch"

This is Reggie's sad face after Ben left to go back to the truck!
He watches his every move


Reggie was all cuddly after we shot the gun

My clay targets I shattered :)

I just loved the way the sun was shining through

Our attempt at a decent picture :)

Ben and Reggie walking down the trail

Reggie digging for bunnies

The Beautiful Scenery

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Carolina ~
There's a cabin in the valley, my grandpa built on your land.
Your mountains are a canvas for The Maker's Hand.

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