The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, March 26, 2010


So don't know why all these pictures uploaded like crazy... but I was gonna give a few pics from the short trip to Florida. Actually only in Florida one day to pick up my parents and grandma and start the trip back. So alot of the pics are from Georgia and the drive back. We stayed there for a lot longer than necessary because well the mountains were closed for ice and snow!!! What? I mean it was warmer here! So yeah we had to back track alot. Oh well, made it back and now Ben and I are back on the house hunt again. wish us luck. I'll leave you with a few random pics below. So glad I got to have my grandma expierence her first waterfall. She was so happy :)

this bird has a fish in his throat... we watched him swallow it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Florida Bound

So its been a busy week... a couple things going on, between looking at a ton of houses this week and trying to figure out wedding invitations and working extra hours this week. It's like sometimes everything just comes at you at once. We are still frantically trying to find a house. We would love to find one before April 31st, when my lease is up and so we can cash in on the $8,000 back. But then again were not just gonna buy because we want it, I am finding that as much as a non-picky person as I am, there is still nothing I absolutely LOVE. Which is hard, I have to learn to settle and be happy with what is in our budget and not want more, knowing that someday I can get there. It's a journey and everything has its stepping stones. So then also this week I have been trying to figure out wedding invitations!! So there's so many options. Do you buy them all done and fancy and no work to do, but super expensive? Or do you buy cheap and then have to do all the work yourselves? AHHH like I don't have time, but still I wanna be cheap!! Okay I guess cheap isn't the right word, but inexpensive. I mean weddings are one of the most expensive things ever and well mine is not going to be. I'm a saver and for me its one day of fun, but there's still a real world outside of it that money can be used for.
And I put in a few extra hours at work this week because I am off to Florida in the morning! I know your all thinking "MAN, she goes on vacations like all the time!!!" Well thats not true and before you freak out let me just say that I will actually only be down there for like 30 hours before I start driving my parents back home. Yes, my parents have been there for like a month while I, the one who always goes on vacations with them, stayed home and now just going down for a day and driving them back home. So it will be a long, tiring weekend, but I am still hoping i will get a little sun!! I'm so pale I could be in twilight :) Except who knows if that will happen since every time I talk to my parents they say its like 60 and overcast. Well I say its 60 here!!! So wtf Florida warm up!!! I better see and feel some sunshine!
Well for now I am already missing my boys (Ben and Reggie, if there's any confusion). Reggie was so depressed this morning while he watched me finish packign my suitcase and bring it down the stairs. He does the cutest thing when he's sad and he'll like hug me and nuzzle his nose into my neck :( Poor guy. At least I got to see him today, I had to say goodbye to Ben last night. And Ben's had a rough week with the hives, it just makes it harder to leave. I miss them already.
Well next time I blog, I'll be in Florida. Probably. That's a probably on the blogging part, cuz I'll definitely be down there. Just don't know if I'll get the time!

So I feel like I need a signature, or a goodbye or something, I always get to this point and don't know how to sign off? hmmmm help me.

Peace. Haha.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Walk in the Woods

So yesterday Ben and I went up to the woods. It has been so nice out lately and the snow is almost melted. We love going up there, especially Ben, its one of his favorite places ever. Of course Reggie came too, because how mean would that be to go up there and not let Reggie run around in the middle of nowhere? He was due a good walk anyways since hes been playing outside on his own (no walks) for a few days now in the warm weather. Another reason we wanted to head up there was to try out my new, and first gun ever. Well its not new, we bought it from my uncle, but I actually have one now! I never thought I would be the type to own one, let alone I was always somewhat of an anti-hunter, and not that I plan on going hunting anytime soon. It's nice to have one and makes me feel a little more comfortable living on my own. The past few years I have really wanted one around to make me feel more comfortable. I know thats what having a big dog around is for, but it would just shatter my heart into pieces if something ever happened to him. I really can't live without him.
So it was a wonderful day spending some quality time with my two favorite boys and having some fun. Enjoying the warm sunshine and beautiful scenery as well. Oh yeah and I always have fun blowing up the clay targets and impressing my fiance with my aim :) Well trying to!
I've added some pics.... they basically tell the story of our day in the woods!

So this is Reggie in the truck.
Begging for Goldfish crackers.
"Please... I'm so adorable"
(note the super cute puppy dog look)
"i'll be really good I promise"
(even though i dug into your purse and ate cough drops earlier)
He knows I cave in everytime. I can't say No.
Do you blame me?

Ben playing with the new gun

I thought it was cute,
Reggie kept jumping up and licking Ben when they were walking together!

Playing Fetch

I Love Love this pic :) So precious.

The new gun
my first.

Haha love this action shot of Reggie running after the stick when Ben says "fetch"

This is Reggie's sad face after Ben left to go back to the truck!
He watches his every move


Reggie was all cuddly after we shot the gun

My clay targets I shattered :)

I just loved the way the sun was shining through

Our attempt at a decent picture :)

Ben and Reggie walking down the trail

Reggie digging for bunnies

The Beautiful Scenery

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hmmm don't remember!

So I had a reason for wanting to blog, but I just can't think of it?! Wow time is slipping away so fast I can't believe it is already the March. Between working and house hunting and wedding work (not mine) and getting engaged and wedding planning (mine) needless to say it has been a little hectic. But even with all that I couldn't be happier. I love my life. I really do. I have a roof over my head, a couple jobs, an amazing man and the best dog ever :)
So last sunday I had the day off and it was really nice, my parents came up for the weekend before they headed off to Florida (oh yeah I bought a ticket and am going down for seriously like 24 hours before I start driving them home) and they came to church with us at Ben's church and then out to lunch. It was nice spending time with both are parents together. Then Ben and I and his parents went to the hockey game, it kinda made me think back on the first time I met his parents on Ben and I's first date. Ha. I was so incredibly nervous then and now I just thought about how far we have come and what an awesome year it has been and now in just a few months I get to marry him. I can't wait.
Then on Tuesday night we hung out with his sister and went to dinner and bowling and so it was a good week getting out and doing some things together. I hate getting in that rut where you just feel like your working all the time and cleaning and everything else in life just piles up. So having a few nights out makes it a little more relaxing. I can't wait till this weekend when my cousins are coming up and hanging out! We are going to the Muskegon winter sports complex which I am so hoping there will still be stuff to do since now half the snow is gone :( I mean I am glad its gone, but yet I have been waiting to do this all winter! So just a few more days!
Well I have to get to work, but I will leave you with a picture from the hockey game!

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It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale