The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, February 15, 2010

me a slacker? what?

Yeah I know once again its half way through another month and I have about two posts to my name and both consist of wedding posts. Yeah so like I said before I have been quite busy with work and stuff. Started the new job, well not quite new but working more hours and busy with editing the weddings and loading those online. Not to mention i just got sick, again. I feel like this is the year of never ending cold and flu for me. I swear I can easily think of over five different times of the top of my head I have been sick since this summer! And I know a few more last spring, its ridiculous, apparently flu shots don't work very well! AHHH! Anyways well I do have quite a few stories I need to blog about and some more wedding posts too. So I promise some blogs will come soon :)

Currently not listening to music ha.
Watching the GLADIATOR one of my all time fav movies, love it and Ben has never seen it. Although he is currently sitting on the couch watching it with Reggie while I am over here watching it from the other room doing work on the computer :(

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