The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Engaged!

Feb. 19th, 2010

So yeah this is totally a week late.... but Yes I am engaged!!! It happened last Friday night and I am sure all of you know by now because your facebook followers and well it was plastered all over that. But for the record, here's the story .....
It was Friday the 19th of February and I got up at like 8 in the morning, did a few things before work and then went to work at the studio from 10-2. The boys picked me up and we headed out on the road. Ben, his brother Michael, and Dan came with us. Its about 2 hours up to Caberfae Resort (a little south of Traverse City) where we were headed to go snowboarding. So I was dead tired on the way up there and by the time we got there I was like man I don't even want to go I am going to done after like 3 runs haha. So my mind is totally haywire and well we go up the slopes for our first run and we hop off and I bend over to snap on my bindings and well let me backtrack and say I had been really sick. So I was still getting over the coughing thing and running nose. So when I bent over to snap my bindings in, I started coughing like uncontrollably and just stayed down and was like hacking up a bunch of flem. I know soooo gross and totally not romantic. But apparently it was good timing because Michael tossed the ring to Ben over my head and Ben kneeled down (while I am still hacking) so by the time I pick my head up and look, he is down on one knee and I look up and He asked if i would marry him and I said "Are you serious right now?" and I start to pull off my right hand glove and well I guess I was out of it and I said Yes and Ben reached up and pulled the strap off my left hand glove and pulled it off. So he slips the ring on and then we stand up together and hig and kiss and whisper things I'm not telling :) and then I turn and say"Did I say Yes?" I totally don't even remember saying yes because I was still in shock! Oh yeah and Ben thought about this and timed it perfectly because it was a beautiful day and the sun was a bright orange ball setting right behind us on the top of the mountain :) Beautiful. I am soo happy and so excited and Ben is the most amazing man ever and I feel so lucky.
There is more to the story however that I did not tell on facebook. We spent the rest of the evening snowboarding and well it was the last run of the night and like I said I wasn't feeling good all week and I was so tired from waking up early and working before we left, and the stubborn person I am I felt bad holding everyone up so I tagged along and went to the big big hill. We went up and I totally wiped out getting off the ski lift, and I was not feeling well at all. Note to self, never eat chili cheese fries before snowboarding again. So Ben stayed and went down slow with me, which I felt so bad about and didn't want him to miss out so like I said being stubborn I didn't want to take it slow and continued down the hill and wiping out everytime, but to me I was going faster. Well lets see I almost slid off the hill because I wiped out the orange gates that go around the out of bounds because there's drop offs. So then he started getting mad at me for not listening and being a stubborn brat, so I then proceeded to go faster and keep going. So I wiped out even worse and my feet just flew out from under me and I wacked my head hard on the ice. I think I blacked out, but not entirely sure just remember Ben being over me and I was crying cuz my head hurt so bad. Then he had the ski patrol come and get me and wouldn't let me keep snowboarding down the hill. So I had to ride down on snowmobile. So embarrassing. And not quite the ending I wanted to the day but hey its my own fault. I just wish I didn't suck so bad and could actually get the hang of it and I could have more fun and not make people wait for me :( But then again I am not the most patient person either!
So that's the story, I know its super late but I wanted to blog about it for my own reasons, so I can go back and read it!

Here's a few pics!

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