The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, January 11, 2010

Traverse City

What an awesome weekend in TC. So much fun and so glad to have spent some time with family. We got a really late start on Friday and headed up (Ben and I) and didn't make it up till around 8 or so. Found an amazing place to eat. The North Peak Brewing Company, it was gorgeous inside with rustic theme and amazing new food we tried and loved! A TC cherry glazed buffalo wings (soooo good) and then a honey porter fire grilled ribeye (amazing as well). It was a great place. Saturday we spent all day at the wedding, it was my cousins, cousin, if that makes sense. So not exactly my cousin, yet family ties. So it was a really fun day to hang out with all my cousins again, we all sat at this big table and I am so glad that Ben got a chance to know them all a lil bit more. It was a long day but a wonderful wedding and I am so glad I as able to capture the day for Laura and Mark. They are the sweetest couple and I wish them the best. On Sunday, we met up with my cousins Dave and Lindsay and Grandma and ate breakfast and hung out downtown a little bit. Good times and once again so glad that over the years we have grown closer. All in all a wonderful weekend. Now back to reality :( I feel like January is now just gonna start with me and its a new year with new schedules and changes, and hopefully this week I can put that all in progress!

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  1. Great time, cuz. It was SO great to have you guys there. The pics look awesome already. Can't wait to see the final product in the months to come. Looking forward to hanging out again soon.