The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forever and a Day...

So wow, I really haven't written like this whole month. I know sometimes I may go a week or two but it doesn't usually get this bad. So needless to say I have been so extremely busy with work. Work at marantha, working on wedding pictures, judging gymnastics, work at the studio. Which is gonna get even crazier because I am kinda got a promotion and am now working a lot more. So it's been a bit crazy to say the least. So much more is stressing me out too, I have another wedding this weekend and I need to get my taxes done so I can start the whole buying a house process, which means I need to start looking at houses and a lot of other stuff on top of that. So yeah I am alive and here and just overworking and doing alot of stuff and thats my only update for now!

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