The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, January 8, 2010


So Monday we headed up to Caberfae, first time there and first time out this season. Being only my second season ever snowboarding (and never skiing) needless to say it was still a little rough. I absolutely love it though and impatiently waiting for the day I can actually stop without purposely falling down and then purposely falling down everytime I get scared cuz I am going too fast and have yet to learn the art of zigzagging haha. All in all a wonderful evening spent with Jerrad, Chase, Dan, Ben and myself. I only had one little mishap liek the last run of the evening where I completely hit a patch of ice board just slid out and banged my head pretty hard, possibly got a concussion, haha but you get back up and keep going. I tend to get frustrated easily, no surprise! I am excited because on Sunday we will be going to Timber Ridge up in Traverse City! We are heading out today for Laura and Mark's wedding and looking forward to a snowy weekend away with family and friends!

Chase is already better than me and he learned last year too!
Ahh to be young again!

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