The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forever and a Day...

So wow, I really haven't written like this whole month. I know sometimes I may go a week or two but it doesn't usually get this bad. So needless to say I have been so extremely busy with work. Work at marantha, working on wedding pictures, judging gymnastics, work at the studio. Which is gonna get even crazier because I am kinda got a promotion and am now working a lot more. So it's been a bit crazy to say the least. So much more is stressing me out too, I have another wedding this weekend and I need to get my taxes done so I can start the whole buying a house process, which means I need to start looking at houses and a lot of other stuff on top of that. So yeah I am alive and here and just overworking and doing alot of stuff and thats my only update for now!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sneak Peek, Mark & Laura!

Meet Mark and Laura, I first introduced you to this couple back in October with their engagement pics. The wedding took place in Traverse City and it was a perfect day with sunny skies and snow on the ground. Laura was a stunning bride and they are really the cutest couple and being around them makes you a better person. Their kindness and love for each other and for God is truly infectious and you can't help but smile when you are around them. Congrats Mark and Laura and may your love continue to grow more everyday :)

Traverse City

What an awesome weekend in TC. So much fun and so glad to have spent some time with family. We got a really late start on Friday and headed up (Ben and I) and didn't make it up till around 8 or so. Found an amazing place to eat. The North Peak Brewing Company, it was gorgeous inside with rustic theme and amazing new food we tried and loved! A TC cherry glazed buffalo wings (soooo good) and then a honey porter fire grilled ribeye (amazing as well). It was a great place. Saturday we spent all day at the wedding, it was my cousins, cousin, if that makes sense. So not exactly my cousin, yet family ties. So it was a really fun day to hang out with all my cousins again, we all sat at this big table and I am so glad that Ben got a chance to know them all a lil bit more. It was a long day but a wonderful wedding and I am so glad I as able to capture the day for Laura and Mark. They are the sweetest couple and I wish them the best. On Sunday, we met up with my cousins Dave and Lindsay and Grandma and ate breakfast and hung out downtown a little bit. Good times and once again so glad that over the years we have grown closer. All in all a wonderful weekend. Now back to reality :( I feel like January is now just gonna start with me and its a new year with new schedules and changes, and hopefully this week I can put that all in progress!

Friday, January 8, 2010


So Monday we headed up to Caberfae, first time there and first time out this season. Being only my second season ever snowboarding (and never skiing) needless to say it was still a little rough. I absolutely love it though and impatiently waiting for the day I can actually stop without purposely falling down and then purposely falling down everytime I get scared cuz I am going too fast and have yet to learn the art of zigzagging haha. All in all a wonderful evening spent with Jerrad, Chase, Dan, Ben and myself. I only had one little mishap liek the last run of the evening where I completely hit a patch of ice board just slid out and banged my head pretty hard, possibly got a concussion, haha but you get back up and keep going. I tend to get frustrated easily, no surprise! I am excited because on Sunday we will be going to Timber Ridge up in Traverse City! We are heading out today for Laura and Mark's wedding and looking forward to a snowy weekend away with family and friends!

Chase is already better than me and he learned last year too!
Ahh to be young again!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Congrats Marissa & Matt

So lil Marissa got married this past weekend! OH my I can't believe it. It was a wonderful, gorgeous wedding and it was awesome catching up with the Maranatha Gang. Marissa looked stunning, like she always does and I am just so happy for them. Here are a few pics from the day.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Can't believe 2009 is already gone! It went so fast. This morning we woke up to about 2 feet of fresh snow and it was just beautiful. My family is all here right now, so Grandma, Dad, Reggie and I, all went out for a walk this morning on Marantha grounds where there was no traffic or people to disturb the peace of it. The snow was heavenly and Reggie had sooo much fun prancing around it. It was wonderful. Then Ben came over and we all had breakfast and it was like a perfect Christmas morning. I know that it was New Years Day, but for us it was our Christmas Morning :) We all sat around my tree and opened presents and had breakfast in the living room. Then we went to look at another house right around the corner cuz I desperately want them to move up here! And it would be so much easier if they found a house they loved and I could live in it for a few years till I bought my own. After that headed to buy Ben a shirt and tie so he can match me for Marissa's fancy wedding tomorrow! I am sooo excited! And I love what I'm wearing and he's gonna match so its gonna be really cute and I can't wait to see him all dressed up in his suit :)
So that's all for now. Happy New Year! Can't wait to celebrate with Rissy tomorrow!!!