The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


oh Wow, I just looked at the last time I posted and it says Dec. 3. Wow I can't believe it really has been that long. These past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind and I honestly don't know where this Christmas season has gone! I will try to recap the month of December as best as I can. So starting with the first week in December, my first weekend back from Vegas. Ben was still recovering from who knows what and so as fas I can remember (since it was awhile ago) I think I just laid low. My parents and Grandma was supposed to come up, but that didn't work out. I went home on Sunday, December 6th for my Nutcracker rehearsal. I decided to volunteer myself once again for the Nutcracker, which don't ask me why on earth I did, because I honestly can not tell you! Oh Goodness, Nutcracker ended up being the weekend of the 12th and two shows and I completely wore myself out with training for it and as old as I am now, my body could definitely not handle it :( I was so upset but with my back/neck and just overdoing my practicing for it, my body gave out. Seriously so painful I can't even begin to describe it. So I had to cut back on all that I was doing. It just wasn't worth it to mess up during the show or kill myself for it. I just wanted to so bad do it one more time, and now I know that was definitely the last time. I am way too old for it now :( After that I got a horrible cold and was so miserable for a few days. But on the upside I am still very happy I did it. It's definitely a story to tell.
So the next weekend the 19th and 20th of December, was my family Christmas with my cousins and my brother and Bre and niece Rylie came up from Chicago. Ben and I drove to Rockford Saturday morning for my first gymnastics meet of the season then drove on home and had dinner and opened presents with Grandma and my mom and dad and brother and his family. I got Rylie a little kids camera (shes 2 1/2) which was the ideal present coming from me, and she loved walking around taking pictures of everybody! I got the movies Australia and the Dark Knight from my brother and also the last of the Harry Potter books I was missing. Sunday morning we went to Church as a family and took some family pictures, then prepared food for my cousins and Aunt and Uncle who all came over in the afternoon. A wonderful day of fellowship and fun times watching the little ones (now Rylie and my cousins two lil boys) all play together. Ooooh I almost forgot! Ben and I also received Battleship from my brother and Bre and so we played that as well! I also made him sit through a few old school home videos of Christmas time haha. Who remembers Angels Aware! or the Don't Be Afraid Brigade! ? Fun times seeing everyone be that little again :)
On Monday we went out and got my mom a new phone and surprise! I was up for renewal so I upgraded my phone as well! Yeah! I just upgraded from the Envy2 to the Envy3, but I like the new change alot. Then as it was Grandmas birthday we headed to Finley's for a free birthday dinner and then had some Key Lime Pie and opened gifts after.
So then here we are at Christmas Eve and I worked in the morning then went with Ben and his family to the Christmas Eve service at their church. I just have to say it was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed it, lots of singing and readings and very simple and I loved singing Silent Night with all our candles lit. It really was a lovely service and I am so glad I went. Christmas morning, Ben came and woke me up and we sat down under our tree for a few minutes and each opened one gift with Reggie, then headed over to his parents house. We watched the kids open a gazillion presents each. Literally. Then the older ones exchanged a few. I received an ornament I saw at Bronners in Frankenmuth (my favorite one there!) and also his sweet mother made me a quilt! A handmade quilt! I can't even begin to tell you how truly astonished by this I was. I mean of course I knew she made quilts and was amazing at it, but I never thought that she would make one for me. She had been working on it for quite some time I guess, but I just can't get over how truly wonderful it was and I am still shocked and it is absolutely beautiful and I will cherish it forever :) I am truly grateful for such a wonderful second family and am so blessed with how amazing his parents are.
After presents we had Christmas Dinner with his cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. Now at this point, let me tell you another little story. So Ben's mom got extremely sick on Christmas Eve (like flu all out) and so she didn't attend the Christmas Eve service. At about Midnight his sister Elizabeth was out on the paper route and had to call the boys to come get her because she was so sick (same symptoms). So after presents and before dinner, Ben's dad suddenly started throwing up as well. (Now his mom and sister were feeling better so it seemed to be 24 hour). So now thats 3 people out who weren't feeling good. So I started helping Ben's mom prepare some food and I cut up all the fruit and made fruit salad and then sliced the bananas and put them in the pies and added the filling to the banana creme pies. I was glad I got to help out in someway. So after dinner we are all sitting around and I am totally not feeling good but I try to fight it as much as I can but it got to the point where I was like crying and told Ben and so i literally grabbed my stuff and just left. I felt so bad for basically just bolting out on his family and not saying bye to anyone but good thing I left because I barely made it my front door of my own house and I started throwing up. Ben came over right away, thank goodness, because I can't even remember the last time I was this sick. Sure I have vomited from time to time. But this was sooo bad I wish I was dead. Literally, not exaggerating, I threw up from 9:00 at night to 6:00 the next morning, literally every half hour. It was like my body had an internal clock and as soon as I'd relax from one bout and start to drift back off to sleep, it would wake me up and I'd rush to the bathroom again. So so so exhausting. I seriously wanted to die from the pain. It was so bad. So that took up my Saturday just recovering from that. And well basically all of Sunday too. Ben just sat with me on the couch and watched movies while I moaned from all the pain and tried to hold down even water :( He was so amazing and so good to me and now we have passed the point where we are both beyond sick and we have stuck through it and both sat there and took care of eachother. I am eternally grateful for the blessings I have been given because of Him and the amazing way he treats me.
Monday even though I was still in a weakened state, Ben helped me and we drove my parents down to Chicago and brought my brothers dog Keane back to them. Also my dad is staying down there for a few days to help my brother out with a big job. So Ben, my mom and I went and ate at Ed Debevics where Ben got pissed off because they were so rude, even though we explained before hand that that is the point of the restaurant. The waiters are supposed to be rude to you! Probably didn't help that it was a guy waiter ha and he probably would handle a girl being rude to him than a guy. It was funny though. Then we took a stroll down the Mag Mile and saw all the Christmas lights and went window shopping and looked at Macy's and everything. It was beautiful. Very cold, but festive.
Now back at work for a few days and then tomorrow night is Marissa's Bachelorette party and New Year's Eve and then this weekend is full of family and friends and weddings! It will be a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to hang out with Deb at Maranatha and the wedding and my family is coming up tomorrow so Ben and I can finally celebrate our own Christmas with my parents and grandma. Yes we still haven't done that! So I promise it won't be as long in between till my next post as this last one. So much has happened this month and I have been super busy and relentlessly and consistently sick :( Hopefully the new year will bring me health!

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