The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Las Vegas Day 6 & 7

Well I know I said yesterday was our last day but it ended up being pushed back another day. I also said we had lots of exciting things to do on our next day before the plane ride, but we had some setbacks. Ben started getting sooo sick in the middle of the night on Sunday... and continued all day Monday. Like extremely sick, I was so worried and he would just lay there and I couldn't do anything to help him :( So after much dilemma we dleayed hte flight because he hadn't got out of bed all day and the times he did stand up he threw up right away so not a good idea to stick him on a plane. Poor Boy, he was soo excited to do the stuff we saved till the last day, like the rollercoaster and the Mirage white tigers and souvenir shopping and we didn't get to do anything :( I felt so bad and helpless. It definitely did help our relationship though. When it gets to that point where someone is so sick and you know you'd do anything to help them and stick by them, it's a positive thing. So we got in early yesterday (wednesday) morning and then had to drive to Jackson, unload, get a lil sleep and then drive up here to Muskegon, so still another long day and we are very work out and still not feeling well.
Can't believe it is December and it is jam packed for some reason. SO much to do and so little time, before we know it it will be Christmas day!
Today was the first sign with the first snowfall that we've seen! (We heard it snowed while we were gone, but we didn't see it!) Ben was so excited to see the snow flurries cuz he loves winter :) It means snowboarding!

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