The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Las Vegas Day 5 (Horseback riding)

Sunday, Nov. 29th.
Our last full day here in Vegas ☹ I’m not ready to go yet, because there is still sooo much that I haven’t shown Ben! We have only made it half way down the strip! Today was a really awesome day though. This morning we got up and went across the street to the Outlet Mall and picked up a few things. Then Ben and I rushed back to the resort to pick up our shuttle to take us 45 minutes southwest of Vegas to Sandy Valley, California, where we spent the evening at Sandy Valley Ranch and did some horseback riding and cattle herding ☺ It was a breathtaking view down in the valley because the mountains were just surrounding us everywhere we looked, and with the sunset and a clear sky we couldn’t of asked for a better day! There were only 5 of us riding so it was a small group and we kinda got a little more freedom then I was expecting, my horse was named Wayland and he loved being the leader and would always trot up to the front and I’d circle around to the middle or back and have him start all over again. I kept turning him around so I could ride next to Ben ☺ He was on a old stubborn lady named Shany or something like that. We then went into the corral and tried herding the baby cows. Haha We weren’t very good and then had a big steak dinner with apple pie in the ranch house. It was an awesome night! We didn't get a lot of pics because we were on horseback and when we got back it was too dark to take good pics. When we got back to the resort we picked up my parents and went back downtown to the Bellagio and Paris. I love Paris it is one of my favorites with the Eiffel tower and all the little French streets inside it, its just so cute. Tomorrow is our last day, I am sad. We have a lot to cram into tomorrow. We still haven’t rode the roller coaster or gone to the Venetian or Treasure Island and I definitely want to make it to the Mirage to go to the tiger and dolphin exhibit. So we’ll see how it goes!

The view where we went riding at (mountains + sunset = AMAZING)

Wayland and I

Ben and his lil old lady haha

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