The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Las Vegas Day 4 (old las vegas)

Saturday, Nov. 28th.
Today we woke up and headed downtown for a little while. We went back to New York New York and then crossed over to MGM Grand and went and checked out the CSI interactive crime scene, and the lion exhibit where we got there just in time to see the lions feeding. There was a female and a male in there. We walked out and down the street into the big M&M and Coca-Cola stores. When we were crossing back over the street I tripped in the middle of the intersection and now everyone can’t get over it and keeps bringing it up!!! We came back to the resort and went down to the pool for a little bit until it got cold and then went in the hot tub. For the evening we went to downtown Freemont into old Las Vegas. They have the fantastic light show there is on the ceiling, even though its outside. Hard to describe. It’s like a big canopy over the street, but its all little lights. We also caught a short Magic Show and just walked into shops and stuff. Ohoooooh yeah and we tried fried twinkies and oreos!! The fried twinkies were sooooo good! After Freemont Ben and I headed back down to the strip again, we headed to the Bellagio to watch the fountains (I made Ben watch Ocean’s 11 before we left just for that reason) and we walked around in the fancy shops and then over to Ceasars Palace another fancy hotel and we both liked all the roman statues and trying to guess which ones they were! We just walked down the strip a little more and ended up catching the fountains 3 times! Their so big and good I didn’t mind at all!
I can’t wait for tomorrow and our sunset horse back rides!!!!!!!

Bellagio Fountains (Love this pic)

Ben at the CSI expierence

So not happy about this picture

goofing around in NY NY

Fried Twinkies!!

Downtown Freemont and the lighted overhang thing

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