The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Las Vegas Day 1 & 2

November 25th & 26th

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am here in Las Vegas! I am writing this today even though I we got here yesterday, this is the first I have been on the computer.
I am here for maybe like the 4th year in a row, not at home for Thanksgiving, its getting to the point where I am used to not being home for holidays anymore. My parents and I have been traveling somewhere for Thanksgiving and Christmas for maybe 4 or 5 years now. I actually enjoy it. I know its not traditional, but I definitely had that the whole time growing up and I will have it in the future with my own family. So it is nice to be able to spend some years being able to travel and experience new things, I have always wanted and will always want to travel in the future. I love racking up new States I have visited and although I have only been to Mexico and the Caribbean as far as international go. There are so many places around the world that I have such a strong desire to visit and see the unique cultures. The thing different about this trip is that Ben is with my parents and I this time. I am sooo excited that he is here with me! This trip was his first time flying ever! I couldn’t believe it, but it was so cute being able to watch his nose glued the windowpane on the plane the whole flight basically. It was a good first flight I think because it was dark when we left (so you get to see all the night lights) and then we were able to watch the sunrise from above the clouds and all the colors emerge, then when we landed in Vegas it was bright and sunny! Once we dropped below the clouds it was all desert, rock mountains and Ben couldn’t take his eyes off all the rock and the little rivers and passing over the Colorado River which is huge was so cool.
As for the first day we basically just settled in and relaxed and napped for a long time in our condo. With only getting 3 hours of sleep plus being jetlagged from the 3 hour time difference, it was definitely a not do much at all day. Last night we did head out for like an hour and a half, we just went to the first 3 hotels on our south end if the strip. The Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur. I think they are some of the less interesting hotels on the strip so it was kinda good to hit them up first, so Ben gets more excited as we go to more! The Mandalay Bay is a really fancy one the only cool thing was the giant x-mas tree and Ben liked that they had a giant fish aquarium in the lobby ☺ Then took the monorail to the Luxor which is the huge Pymarid, and inside theres a bunch of sphinx’s and a little Egyptian town built with pharaohs and hieroglyphic stuff. I think Ben thought that one was the coolest so far. The next we went into Excalibur, which is a medieval castle type hotel. And out front you walk across the drawbridge and inside is like castle walls.
So that was it for the first day. Probably just some more relaxing today, maybe go in the pool and then a big Thanksgiving Dinner and some more hotels today and tomorrow. Just walk down the strip since we haven’t done that yet.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

First pic on the plane at like 6 am!

Yeah we are a lil tired!

Couldn't stop staring at the planes :)

Sunrise over the clouds :)

Still staring out the window when I woke up a few hours later :)

At the Luxor, with the sphinxes and pyramids

Outside Mandalay Bay

The Big aquarium inside the Mandalay Bay Lobby

So at the end of thanksgiving day a lot happened. We sat down by the pool for a while, it was such a nice day. I was sitting there and sweating it was so hot. So I finally got Ben to go into the pool with me after much persuading, and it was a lot of fun! We played in there for a long time. Then we all got ready and went out for a big Thanksgiving Dinner and stuffed ourselves and headed into the Hard Rock CafĂ© and Casino to walk around for a bit. My parents and I never made it there last time so it was a new place for us to go. Then Ben and I walked around downtown for a little bit and went to NEW YORK NEW YORK! It was Bens favorite so far because it is lined with quaint little streets like downtown NY and there is a huge rollercoaster! There is also a big harley store and the Coyote Ugly Bar and a magicians store that we had to stop in and look at all the magic tricks and watch a magician perform. Ben is fascinated with magic and figuring it all out so he liked that store. We also went into Monte Carlo but there isn’t much there.

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