The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Las Vegas Day 3 (Red Rock Canyon)

Friday, Nov. 27th.

Today we got up and drove out the red rock canyon. We stopped first at an overlook and it was Bens first chance to get out and look at the surrounding mountains. We hiked down a small little trail down the side of the overlook because Ben grabbed my hand and said “oooh come here” and I said “what, where we going?” “just come here, I think I saw an animal!” so we hiked down a little bit but haha no animal! Next we drove past the Red Rock Canyon National Park but it was completely lined up! The cars were piled up waiting to get into the scenic loop, so we kept going and pulled off at the Spring Mountain Ranch which apparently is where Howard Hughes used to own. And there is a natural spring right there in the mountains. Ben loved watching the different ducks swim around on the lake and they kept diving under water he called them dolphin ducks!
Next onto Bonnie Springs, where I went the first time I was here and it is a little cowboy town and so I wanted to take him back there. There are two parts to Bonnie Springs, first we went into the little town where there is a general store and bank and mine and just little shops. We headed straight up to the saloon for a melodrama little cowboy play then out into the courtyard for a old school shooting and hanging. I got called up to take part as a judge in the hanging! Then we went to the second part of Bonnie Springs, which is a petting zoo! Which of course we loved! There were emus, hogs, lynxes, peacocks, deer, rabbits, long horn bull, horses, sika deer which ben was so excited to see, he said he thought hed never see one of those in hi life. I loved petting and feeding the deer and one of them was so shy, her name was Moon and she had a big tumor on her face but she was still adorable and scared to death until I got some food and then she warmed right up to me. After done there we drove back to the scenic loop, it was 13 miles all through the red rocks. Didn’t see any animals though ☹
So we came back and were exhausted so I decided to take a nap for like an hour till like 8. But I woke up and was so tired that I just went right back to bed.

Ben's first look at the mountains up close

at the little spring in the mountains

wild donkeys that would stick their heads in the car to get food!


those make me laugh!


I really like this picture :) with the mountains behind us

Turtle Top Mountain

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