The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mark and Laura (part 1)

So yes it does say Part 1. That is for a few reasons... one that Mark and Laura were amazing and there are so many awesome pictures that I had soooo many favorites! The other reason is that I wanted to put some up that I took and then the next blog later tonight will be of some that Ben took :) I wanted everyone to see how awesome he is doing and that he really is doing such an amazing job and such a fast learner! So there will be a few more pics of Mark and Laura later tonight!
I am soo excited to share these with you because like I said there are sooo many amazing pics and this was one of my favorite shoots to do :) Ben and I had an awesome time with them and I am can't wait for the wedding in only 2 short months! Thanks you two for being so natural and photogenic, having such sweet, caring personalities and for making our trip so fun!
Hope you Enjoy!

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