The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cincinnati Bound :)

So today was crazy.... running around packing equipment and doing last minute errands to get ready to leave for Cinncinnati tonight!!! Whooooo I am sooo much in need of a vacation! So excited! So yeah today in the midst of all that, 2 exciting things happened. One I met with a mortage broker or whatever their called for the first time this morning on getting pre-approved to buy a house. So that was good and bad. It's a big exciting and very scary step. And I am so glad they extended the first time home owners $8000 tax credit till April. Helps out alot!
The second thing was I went out a bought a video camera! So I have been researching for awhile and deciding if I wanted High Definition or just regular and I still haven't decided. I ended up buying regular but with IS so that will help and I can return it if I don't like the picture quality. But I figured in a few years the new HD ones are gonna be even better and something newer will come along so I might as well hold out on the expensive one for now. So we'll see how I like this one.
Tonight after work I am headed to Spring Arbor for a very short night then off at like 7:30 in the morning to start driving down. The reason I am going down is because I have a wedding to shoot on Saturday. So you will soon have some wedding pics posted! Ben is going with me and we are making it a whole weekend vacay trip! I am always excited to show him new places, since he's barely left the state. Can't wait till Vegas and I get to watch him expierence flying in a plane for the first time!!! :) So I am sure I will be blogging alot this weekend and let you in on the adventures and show some pics as well!

P.S. This song has been stuck in my head all day!! It's about a wife and daughter who lose their Husband/Dad.... It's so sad :( Yet sooo good.

Currently Listening to:

Mallory Hope: Love Lives On

She comes with me on your birthday, little flowers in her hands
Shes always known there's something missing
but to young to understand
and someday she's gonna ask me, what kind of Man you were
i'll tell her all the ways I loved you
and all of You I see in Her
Even though I cry like crazy, even though it hurts so bad
I'm thankful for the love God gave me
and She's the perfect way to make it last
I'm learning how to live without you, even though I don't want too
but even though your gone
Love Lives On

I reached for you this morning, woke up with empty arms....

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  1. I hope you guys have a safe and fun trip! I always look forward to reading new posts from you - it keeps me UTD on everything you're doing!
    I miss you friend!