The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cincinnati Trip

So there isn't too much to tell about the Cincinnati trip this weekend. It involved a lot of driving but overall a pretty good time. Friday we drove straight down and went right to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a lot of fun, some parts were entertaining and some parts disappointing. Like exhibits weren't set up because its colder and like the Manatees had literally just been sent to Tampa and we both were excited about the penguins and there was only like 10 in a small tank so not much diving going on there. The bears however did get into a fight and the cheetahs were running around chasing each other, the rhino did not like birds and kept chasing them out of his place and there were white lions and white tigers! Then Friday night we ate a huge dinner at Cracker Barrel and then Saturday went downtown in the morning before the wedding and went to the Reds stadium and took some pics there and walked around in the store and hall of fame. Next we did the wedding for the day which was at a gorgeous location. (I will blog about that next.) Saturday night after the wedding we went back downtown and walked around the big fountain and changing colored buildings and the trees with all the lights on them. I had never been right downtown so it was cool to walk around and see that, even though all the stores were closed by then. We also drove across the bridge into Kentucky to Covington Landing, my little favorite spot where there is the downtown Cincinnati cityscape in the background and the stadiums right on the river. It's so pretty at night with the city reflection lighting up the river.
Sunday just got up early and went to IKEA and then drove to Anderson, IN to pick up my dad (he was visiting my cousins) and then drove home from there. Nothing too exciting. Here is a few pics from the trip though.

The White Lions

Ben and I at the Zoo

Cincinnati at night

Ben and I in Kentucky viewing Cinci behind us

The downtown fountain (notice the building
behind us keeps changing colors)

The Fountain

Ben in front of the Stadium

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