The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, October 26, 2009

Traverse City!

So this weekend was so busy! I started the new job last week which is going really well. I really like it and like everyone I am working with and since Marantha is winding down some I am glad something came up that I got offered and really like being able to work in photography still. So friday I ended up working 13 hours! Insane right? Omg I worked at the studio in the morning and afternoon (someone called in sick so I picked it up) and then went to Marantha to work for dinner and then abck to the studio till close and it was so busy Friday night that I didn't get home till after 10 and then I went with Ben and Michael (his brother) to the Haunted Hall in Grand Haven. Even though I was super tired it was a good relief and helped to just relax a bit after such a long day. So the Haunted Hall wasn't that scary. But it did have some really cool parts like one of those psycadelic tunnels where it turns all around you in the darkness and you walk across a catwalk and get really dizzy :) And an alice in wonderland type thing where the walls and ceiling shrunk down on top of you until you had to crawl through a little tiny door! To make it worse this room was black and white checkered with strobe lights going haha... but we were almost to the tiny crawl out door and the strobe lights just stopped! So yeah it was kinda a clown theme which didn't scare me too bad, because I'm not one of those that are scared of clowns. Apparently 1 out of every 10 are though! (we learned that at the entrance).
So that was Friday then on Saturday I woke up at 6:30 and went to work at Maranatha and worked the morning then in the afternoon went over to Ben's parents and carved pumpkins with the whole family. I never really remember carving pumpkins as a kid, not sure if we did. Definitely not a tradition. So last week when we went to the orchard we all picked them out to carve and it was so fun, so Saturday we got to carve. I was so excited about drawing on the pumkin freestyle and picking out what shapes I wanted for the eyes, nose and mouth. Like a clown grin mouth, or toothy grin or sooo many options. I had been thinking about it for awhile, obviously :) So once we set them all out Elizabeth (Ben's sister) had brought a bunch of pattern books for the kids to pick out. I had no idea you could pick patterns for the pumpkins!!! So exciting!! SO I sat there and looked through all these patterns and I didn't want something to kiddish or too challenging.... yet at the same time since it was my first time carving in who knows how long, I wanted to be traditional and carve it the old fashioned way. So I was kinda torn! So Ben and I compromised and we decided we would share both our pumkins and carve one the freestyle way and one with a cool pattern! I was happy with that. So now let me tell you something, I found out last week Ben didn't like carving pumpkins well and I was soo excited that we were going to do it and I begged him to start the tradition with me. Well on Saturday I found out who truly terrified and disgusted out he is by the slimy, stringy guts of the pumkin haha! He cringed sooo much it was quite hilarious! I mean you can discect and play with the guts in a human but not a pumpkin?!! But hey we all have are weird phobias (well I have quite a few actually) so I guess he is allowed 1 :) So I said if I clean out the guts then he can carve them (I am not good at carving in a straight line, too impatient) so he was happy with that compromise, since anything that has to do with playing with knives he is more than glad to do! So I cleaned them out well he carved and then I drew the face on our traditional pumkin and then we picked out this awesome pattern of 3 wolves howling on top of a mountain with the moon! I know it sounds weird but it will look sooo cool! I will definitely post some pics, I can't wait to see them with candles in them!
So I know this is getting quite long, but I am just starting on Sunday! We (Ben and I) went to Traverse City for the day yesterday. It was sooo fun. I know I might have been there like once or twice when I was younger but I honestly don't remember very much about it and Ben and his family love going up there and he has been there quite a bit so he was excited to take and show me around for once! So I actually had to go up to take engagement pics. And we are so lucky because it poured all day Friday, Saturday and even today! So we lucked out and yesterday it didn't rain. It was definitely a little more overcast then I would hope for but so glad it didn't rain! And the fall color was just so beautiful up there and all the water was perfect fall background locations for pictures! I am soo excited to go through them and see what we got. Ben took a lot of pictures himself which I am so glad about because He is improving so much and really has the eye for it and I am so happy that he enjoys it and is willing to learn to love what I do! So like I said I can't wait to go through them and I know for sure there are some really amazing ones. Mark and Laura are the cutest couple and I can't wait for the wedding! They were so natural and relaxed and nice that I already knew Laura a little bit so it wasn't as nervewracking. After I go through them and edit some, I will definitely post some because I can't wait to share them with everyone!! It was an awesome day just riding around and picking out random spots and taking in the beautiful scenery. For anyone who hasn't gone it is definitely beautiful up there! After we got done with the shoot, Ben and I went off to one of the winerys and went wine tasting (something else I had never done) and I have never really liked any wines I've tasted. They are all too bitter for me so it was a lot of fun to sample them and we found one we both really liked! We then kinda snuck around the vineyard for a bit because it was so beautiful I wanted to look. It was on a big hill and just the rows of vines ran forever downhill into the lake and surrounded by tons of orange and red trees. So pretty. We then went to this little old fashioned general store that Laura showed us and stopped and got fresh hot flavored apple cider! That's right I said flavored... Ben got Cherry apple cider and I got cinnamon. It was amazing and so good to take the chill off and take in the car with us. We also got these old school glass bottles of cola with the oldfashioned labels on them. So cool! Then off to downtown to go in all the cute little shops and walk around (bummer that it was raining a little though) so where we parked was on the other side of the river from the little shops, so of course we have to make little detours down to the riverbed to look for fish everytime we crossed over haha. I definitely learned something new though. Apparently Salmon die after they mate? WTF? So yeah I saw like 3ft Salmon just layind dead in the river? So weird. And totally don't understand that process. Is it just Salmon or every fish? I kept asking questions haha I'm one of those people that likes having answers to everything and I am sure I thouroughly annoy Ben sometimes when every repsonse he gives i'm like "but why?" haha. Anyhow I intend to find out the answer to this dead fish thing. But yeah so Ben was really excited to take me to this pastie place to eat. (No idea what they are except for the things that girls get to wear under dresses when they can't wear a bra, know what I mean?) So I keep laughing whenever he talks about them! Haha but he was bummed out cuz it is Sunday and they were closed :( So we just went back to the strip and picked a resturant which ended up being the Traverse Brewing Company or Mackinaw Brewing Company, something like that. Anyways they had really good burgers so it worked out.
So long drive home after being so tired and sleep deprived all weekend, but we stopped in Kinglsey, MI. I know sooo cool huh? Bet you didn't know there was a Kingsley, MI. And my aunt and uncle had been through it before and stopped and took a picture with this cool sign that says " Welcome to Kingsley... A little bit of Paradise" Isn't that awesome! So we drove all over trying to find it and couldn't. But it was so awesome driving around seeing everything from the water tower to the pharmacy to the auto place all say Kingsley on them. I said it would be so cool growing up there, I would walk around being a little brat and say "yeah I own the town!" haha and all the 100 people that probably live there, it was kinda little.
So that was the weekend. Sorry this was like a fricken novel that I just wrote but like I started with, this was a busy weekend and better to get it all out now then forget the details! I can't wait to share some pumpkin carving pictures and traverse city pics. So check back soon!

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  1. Really cool to hear about your time in T.C. It is so awesome up there and I felt almost like I was there in reading this.