The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So many things!

Okay so on top of the power outage that happened this week and losing valuable time in computer usage and editing, I ended up going to the Doc yesterday because my neck and shoulders have been sooooo tight and killing me like none other lately. So to make it short, my neck is spasming out of control and in the Docs words "I can understand like one or two knots and spasms but seriously girl there's like 20 there!" And after an adjustment a massage and some sort of pulsating thing I am feeling a little bit better but ordered not to work yesterday or today (which I am violating right now) and to take it easy and if I do (tomorrow) need to go on the computer to work then I have to take a break every 20 minutes. Like that's going to happen! Tomorrow I also go back in again to get the same treatment. Needless to say I can't stay off the computer when I have tons of editing to do and I need to invest in a new desk chair apparently. Right now all I am using is a hard wood kitchen table chair. No cushions. Nothing. And I am already cramping up as I am sitting here typing this paragraph :( oops!
Also while I am blogging about the past few days, when I wrote about the storm that was also before I discovered a gigantic tree that fell down in my backyard. I mean this is at least a 20 footer. (I am not very good at estimating measurements here, but it was big!)
The whole tree

Where it Broke at

Oh yeah and Reggie has this huge I mean worst he has ever done got into the garbage and destroyed everything mess! It was INSANE! I am not even kidding I was sooo mad! His new "favorite" spot which just happens to be where he was found hiding out because he knew he was in trouble, is under my bed. I am talking under there where I can't reach my arm under and touch him. He also loves loves to sleep under the bed. It's so cute though when you don't know where he is and you'll call hi name and all you see is a little wet black nose peeking out from under the dustruffle (which is also black so he blends in quite well) But its really cute. Ignoring the fact that he destroyed a entire bag full of garbage. I even have proof.....

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