The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crazy Few Days..

So I know it has been a few days since I have posted but it has been crazy busy over here. With working a lot this week at Maranatha and having a lot to edit in pictures this past two weeks. Plus the chiropractor and insane headaches that ruin half my day, just a lot on my plate I have been a little over stressed this past week or so. (Sorry to all those who have been in my path!) Things are starting to look a lot better though. I have nearly finished the weddings (done editing, just packaging) and randomly got a call yesterday, went in today for an interview and WHOOO i got a job today! I basically got hired on the spot. It was really good and we ended up talking for like 2 hours just about photography stuff in general and cameras. So it is at a photography studio in the mall, I am excited and am happy about the flexibility and creativity and experience I can gain and experiment with. So that is really good news and I am very happy about it! So looking forward ro everything falling into place. I have a lot of pictures to post about recent work I have been working on. I know life may be difficult and stressful at times but I guess it has its way of working itself out. I was so happy the rain stopped (been non stop for like a week) and we had a beautiful sunset the other night and Reggie and I took a walk down to the beach and had an awesome night and I was once again amazed at how peaceful and happy the beach makes me and makes everything all the stress and anxiety and everything go away in just an instant and everything is at peace with the world again and I realize how truly blessed I really am :)
As for updates on everything else in life the tree in the backyard has been cut down enough and the branches are now a pile in the yard which for some reason fascinates Reggie to death. Apparently he saw a bunny run under the pile and decided for hours on end to chase it through the bushes. Which he can't exactly fit in without digging and shimmining his way into them, which I find hilarious because all that you can see is his but sticking out and his tail wagging fast as it can back and forth in sheer delight! So funny in fact that I video taped it and I will post it for you to smile at as well :)

So this is my first attempt at making movies! Never done it before and totally do not have it figured all out but here's my first video ever!

WOW! That video only took like 3 hours to upload! Anyone know why it takes forever? gee that sucks! No more videos for me!

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