The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, September 11, 2009

Beautiful Day!

So nothing really special today. It was my first day of waking up before the sun! Seriously, I walked downstairs and was like "Whoa its so dark!" So yeah it was my first new day of work and I have to be there a little before 7, so yeah definitely a change from sleeping in during the summer. But it went really well and smooth, although can't go without a little bit of drama. Just strange people.... but anyways so on my break, Reggie, Ben and I went to the beach for a few hours. It was really fun and relaxing and finally warmed back up enough for us to go! Fricken Cold weather needs to stay away!!! Reggie was really interesting, he's always been a really really good dog. But whenever we go to the beach he wants to play fetch in the water like constantly, but today he was being so independent and sat there and rolled around in the sand and dug like 5 holes and then would just go swimming (without his ball) and literally like swim laps. Just back and forth like 50 yards and so in like 4feet deep water, it was sooo funny. I thought he was looking for something, but nope just swimming back and forth haha. Finally after like 20 minutes I would think hed get tired so I called him in and then he'd play in the sand for a little then go swim again! Haha I love his new found independence! I claim that it's just cuz he turned 2 this weekend so apparently hes matured some. So yeah just one of those days where I'm really happy and feel really blessed with everything I have in my life and it just couldn't get any better than 80 degree beach weather in September!

Really enjoying this song today!

Currently Listening to:
Gloriana: Gloriana
Over Me Now ~
You said you were over me. You just stood there
And watched me Falling apart.
You didn't care What it did to me
You never even Thought twice
About breaking my heart
Didn't you get what you wanted?
Isn't she everything
You said I wasn't?

Are you over me now?
Tell me how does it feel
To be the one left without,
To lose something so real?
Now that your world's crashing down
Are you over me now?

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