The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach Day Pics :)

So I know it has been awhile but if you can remember I told you about the day that we spent on the beach with Ben and his brother, sister and niece (Morgan) and Nephew (Will)....
Yeah well finally heres a few pics!
Sorry it's been a little crazy lately! I started my new job today and it went really well. Today was one of those days where your life may be crazy and hectic and non-stop busy, but I still realized how truly blessed and happy my life is.... and I wouldn't trade if for anything!

Will driving :) Don't worry not on his own!

Morgan finally giving me a smile :)

The first ride out...

I Love, love this picture of Ben and Morgan

Ben and the kids in the pool

She may not be looking at me but at least I got a smile!!

Haha I love this..... I so wish I knew what Morgan was thinking here with that face!

Ben carrying his sister after he nearly broke her foot!

I wanted a real smile, not a cheesy smile!!!

The boys!

The kids and I

Ben and I :)

The kids having fun

So cute :)

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I dont know what to do
I think I'm falling for you...
I'm falling for you...

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