The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A weekend full of Work

Okay so this week was crazy!! Besides all the work I had last week (4 Family Pics) I had a wedding on Saturday (near Ann Arbor) and a Senior Picture today, not to mention another Family Picture tomorrow! So yes it is a little crazy right now. So I just got back home here at about 11 and it was s very long weekend. Weddings just wear ya out ya know, let alone driving over there at 8 in the morning and staying all day till like 11! Then woke up this morning and did senior pics in Jackson and then drove back to Muskegon tonight! I'm exhasuted! I loved being able to see Breanna again (she has been in LA) and hang out with her. She gave me this hilarious book to read called "Someday My Prince Will Come". It's about this true story of a little girl who dreamed her whole life since like age 2 to become a real princess. So she plotted out her life and scouted out eligible princes she could in fact meet and marry. Even though its hard planning that when you grow up in Hicksville, 6 hours from the nearest city, to two hippie parents who make you clean up after farm animals all day! Its so funny!
But I wanted to leave you with a promise to post pics tomorrow (lots of work to show) and also that in the 2 1/2 hour car ride home tonight I just was sooo tired and trying to randomly go through older music to find something to keep me awake. And I couldn't sing along because I have talked to much this weekend and I have a major sore throat :( (I was supposed to get my tonsils out in like 7th grade because it was so bad, but then long story, but I didn't, so now I get bad sore throats still) Anyways though I started listening to old school Faith Hill and I forgot how much i love, love this song and how happy it makes me, (and tying in with the book I am reading) how I used to dream of being a princess and all the innocent joy childhood brings us!

Faith Hill: Fireflies
Before you met me i was a fairy princess I caught frogs
and called them prince
And made myself a Queen.
Before you knew me i traveled 'round the world
I slept in castles
and fell in Love
Because i was taught to dream.
I found mayonnaise bottles and poked holes on top
To capture Tinkerbell,

They were just fireflies to the untrained eye
But i could always tell,
I believe in fairy tales
and dreamers dreams like bed sheet sails

And i believe in Peter Pan and miracles
and anything i can to get by, like Fireflies.

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