The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More to come tomorrow!

Sorry I am slacking again..... such a long weekend in Indiana celebrating and hanging out with DEB! Still can't believe shes married :) It was an awesome and exciting weekend, with very little sleep though, (oh yeah and the Senior from yesterday) so now that I am recovered.. today we had a "Ben" day and his sister and niece and nephew and brother came down to the beach today and hung out and rode the jetskis and went wakeboarding!! SO Fun!! Although Ben basically broke his sisters foot (by throwing her off) then bruised himself by (throwing himself off the jetski) so yeah without the injuries haha it was a fun day. My sister-in-law Bre and my niece Rylie were down for the day as well, so it was an about the lil kids day! So after another long day, and a week of semi slacking on the work... I promise to sit myself down tomorrow and get to work and post some stuff as well! See you then!
Check out the pic of Samantha below.... I. Heart. Ballerinas.

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