The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Senior and Golf!

So I am really tired today. Yesterday I did another senior, Lauren from Western. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous sunset! So I was really happy with how everything turned out! I am not going to post a pic because I haven't had time today to edit one to post and way too tired right now! Breanna brought up her cousin Emma yesterday so I was really glad to see her for a little bit even though we were both a part shooting different pics! So when we were done we went out to Brann's (Breannas Favorite) and then came back and played some intense Mario Kart!! Haha. It is the new fad in the house hold since Ben decided to go old school and buy some old games. So we are addicted :) Then today I sorted through and edited some more pics and then met with someone else, and then Ben and His Dad, and my Dad and I went golfing for the second time. First time Ben and I (we play teams, Ben and I, My dad and his Dad) got beat by like 3 or 4 strokes, something like that and then today we tied! HA so were improving! Ben played really really good today and I only putted good, but I was happy with some of my long long putts! Anyways so probably off to bed now, and more work and packing tomorrow for DEBS WEDDING!!!!!

Currently Listening to:
Jake Owen: Easy Does It
Don't Think I Can't Love You~
I learned the hard way real early in life
That money sure don't grow on a tree
And there's a few things that a dollar can't buy
The best things in life, they come free
So girl I can't buy you a big diamond ring
No house on a hill full of life's finer things
And I'll tell you right now there's a whole lot that I just can't do
Oh, but baby don't think I can't love you

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