The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tigers Game!

So on Wednesday I went to a Tigers game with Ben. It was something I asked for, for my birthday so that I could take my Dad too since I know he has really wanted to go to one. So we all went and drove over there, while its raining in the car, praying it will hold off long enough for the game not to be canceled and for us to not be sitting there in the pouring rain! So we get there and it was just sprinkling a little as we walked from the car to the stadium and by the time we get around to our seats there is an hour rain delay called on the game. So Ben and I walked around for a little bit (my dad got to bring a friend too) and then the game started and it was soo nice the rest of the night!! It was awesome, it didn't rain at all anymore and the rain had cooled it down so it wasn't so hot and sticky all evening! So it was a lot of fun and well who doesn't love going to Tigers games! So can't wait to go again and my only downside was I didn't see the Tiger Mascot the whole night kinda bummed about that haha. So here's a few pics from the game....
By the way the Tigers lost by 1 in the 9th... so yeah wish they coulda one the game too :)

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