The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Theme Parks and Carnivals

So yes it has been a few days since I posted I know, I'm slacking. But I have been kinda busy and on the days off from busy I have been enjoying just actually relaxing and doing nothing and having a day off! So last Saturday I drove to Port Huron and shot a wedding at yacht club over there right on the river, it was a beautiful setting and there were fireworks over the river for Canada Day! It was really cool! So that was a fun reception to shoot and take pictures on the beach and with the huge Canada bridge and fireworks as a backdrop. It was a really casual and laid back which is my favorite type to shoot! So then on Sunday a bunch of us headed up to Michigan's Adventure for my belated birthday party! I was sooo excited, I haven't been for a few years so it was a lot of fun to re-experience it! And then on Tuesday, Ben and I went down to Summer Celebration and watched Jake Owen (love him!) and Kellie Pickler perform and just walk around and eat carnival food and watch pig races and I pet a Kangaroo and ride the ferris wheel and lots of other fun things! I love Carnivals..... I'm addicted now and that was only like my second time! Can't wait for Coast Guard haha!
So here is a few pics of Michigan's Adventure and a pic of Ben and I at the Carnival (which might actually be my favorite pic now). I am sure I will post after the fireworks tomorrow too!!

Ben and I at Summer Celebration Carnival

At Michigan's Adventure

On the Falling Star

Angela and I in line at the water park

Deb and I on some retarded ride haha


Love their faces going up the big hill on shivering timbers hahaha

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