The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Saturday, July 11, 2009

so i am definitely a slacker...

Yeah so sorry about that, I have been a huge slacker. But let me just say it has been a holiday and I kinda took a few days (or more) off to enjoy family and friends! So yeah, here I am blogging like a week later. But I have shot two weddings since the last post. One was in Port Huron at a Yacht Club and there were fireworks for Canada Day on the river, so that was really cool. Then today I helped out another photographer an old friend from high school and shot my friends little brothers wedding over in Brighton. Seriously it was soooo gorgeous I loved the setting. You know me being completely outdoorsy type and it was in a horse pasture full of daisies and a big barn in the background and omg I just fell in love with the location!
So besides that, I have just been hanging out. My brother and fam came up for the weekend of the fourth and then my friend Cassie and her fiancee Luke came up for the Grand Haven 4th fireworks. Which are phenomenal by the way... Seriously the best I have ever seen! I am so lucky I get to see them twice a year! Can't wait for Coast Guard Festival to come! Let's see what else... oh yeah Reggie got sick. Twice. Yeah lots of money spent on Vet visits this month. The poor guy :( It's totally my fault, well mostly. I think I over exhausted him. So it was like two wednesdays ago, Deb and I went out for a run. (You remember that story, where he howled at the sirens.) Well that day, so we went for 6 miles, and then on also went swimming in the lake for seriously like an hour straight. Or more. So yeah he was a little overworked. And well at that point in time (its gone now) the algea in the lake was seriously soooooo bad. It was disgusting to go in the lake, the first like 10 feet was like pure seaweed and algea to walk through. So I am guessing (well not guessing I saw him) attacking the clumps of algea pods thinking they were some sort of food. Well so by the end of the weekend Reggie was seriously unmoveable and so lethargic it was heartwrenching!! I literally picked him up and had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom. And he wouldnt eat unless I hand fed him laying down :( It was soo sad! So we went to the Vet that monday and he got some meds that he had to take twice a day. So he started to get a little better and perking back up but very slowly. His eyes still looked a little droopy and bloodshot, but he was ip and walking around! So any improvement is a plus! Then thursday night his eyes started looking a little too red and by late evening his right eye started swelling up. It looked like pink eye or something. So then when I woke up Friday morning seriously it was like a golf ball on the top of his eye, it was so swollen he couldn't even open it!!! It was sooo sad, both eyes were so pink and swollen and there was like puss and watery and dripping :( So yeah I took him back to the Vet on Friday and then he went on two more meds. Some eye drop antibiotics and also an anti-inflammatory. So now 3 meds. Two of them twice a day and then the eye drops 4 times a day. For two weeks. Crazy mess. So that has taken up some of my time as well! But Good news is he is doing an amazing now! So much better and although the Doc still has ordered him on bed rest, I have been keeping him inside for the most part, he is still getting super excited when anyone comes home. He is anxious to go outside and play, which makes me really really happy!! So we have his final check up on Monday and hopefully he gets the go ahead to return back to normal!
So yeah I promise I will blog soon. Probably tomorrow! Or at least Monday for sure! I got some pictures to post and more wedding details to share!

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