The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Kent Family....mostly Natalie :)

So this past weekend I took some pictures of Wes, Meredith and my little Natalie! It was so fun. For those of you who don't know, I babysit Natalie every Tuesday and Thursday for this whole year so it has been amazing watching her change and grow and learn new things! She is so adorable, i love her to pieces. It's really funny though when she comes out to the Lake, she gets so excited to see me and then thinks mom and dad are leaving so then she won't hang out and play with me like normal :( But its gradually getting better. At least I know what makes her smile for the camera! So here is a few pictures of the 3 of them. Meredith wanted some pictures before the new baby boy is due in September! So there will be lots of more pictures of the Kent Family!

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Jack Johnson: Sleep Through The Static
I've got an Angel. She doesn't wear any wings.
She wears a heart that can melt my own.
She wears a Smile that makes me wanna sing :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Pics... the first bunch of the week!

So Monday morning I took some pictures for a family that started out basically being weeklys a Maranatha, but now they come more often. I had gotten closer to them because they have 4 boys and I had at least 3 of them in the nursery or children's or probably both haha. Working there for 10 years I moved around some and just have always remembered them and vice versa. So they asked me to take some family pics this week. Now I am not gonna post alot, cuz they want most of them to be a surprise so I am just gonna post some of my fav of the boys! Their so cute!

It's been a Few Days!

Okay Sorry it has been a few days since I last wrote. I do have reason this time though!!! I have had a crazy busy weekend, for starters last Saturday morning we had Bridal Shower for one of my best friends Deb. She's a Maranatha friend, but we have been the bestest summer friends since we were like 5! I am soo excited for her wedding and I love our Hot Pink Dresses haha!
Anyways so that was Saturday and then on Sunday I took family pictures twice (morning and night) and then Monday I took another family picture in the morning. Then Yesterday (Tuesday) I worked all day in Grand Rapids and then took another family picture in the evening, then went to Ben's softball game and went grochery shopping! So this is like my first break! This morning (on my day off) I woke up early to get my work done so I can go hear the speaker. Gary Chapman is here speaking this week, I have already been twice. He is awesome, he wrote the 5 Love Languages book and is talking about Relationships and Family this week. So its good. So Yeah, thats my reasons and apology and now that that is said, I will now go ahead and post one of the families!

So this song is constantly in my head ever since I heard it! I love the beat and her southern, raspy voice. And of course the song is sooo cute!

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Whitney Duncan
Skinny Dippin ~
... as he pulled me under, he took my breath for a while.
Chills from the Mississippi, Chills from the way he Kissed me.
We came back up with a Smile and I never felt more Alive.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tigers Game!

So on Wednesday I went to a Tigers game with Ben. It was something I asked for, for my birthday so that I could take my Dad too since I know he has really wanted to go to one. So we all went and drove over there, while its raining in the car, praying it will hold off long enough for the game not to be canceled and for us to not be sitting there in the pouring rain! So we get there and it was just sprinkling a little as we walked from the car to the stadium and by the time we get around to our seats there is an hour rain delay called on the game. So Ben and I walked around for a little bit (my dad got to bring a friend too) and then the game started and it was soo nice the rest of the night!! It was awesome, it didn't rain at all anymore and the rain had cooled it down so it wasn't so hot and sticky all evening! So it was a lot of fun and well who doesn't love going to Tigers games! So can't wait to go again and my only downside was I didn't see the Tiger Mascot the whole night kinda bummed about that haha. So here's a few pics from the game....
By the way the Tigers lost by 1 in the 9th... so yeah wish they coulda one the game too :)

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Justin Moore: Justin Moore
Small Town USA~
Give me a Saturday night my baby by my side
Sweet home Alabama a six pack of lights
Give me a Sunday morning that full of grace
A simple life and I'll be okay
Here in small town USA

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chad and Natasha

So I had the privilege of being invited to help out at Chad Zeller's wedding! I was so excited, I didn't even know it was his till like the day before. I was shooting with an old friend and fellow photographer, Eric Hoffman (ericleephotography) and I absolutely loved loved really loved this wedding. I am such an outdoors person and I love horses, and it was just absolutely beautiful with the barns, horses, meadows, flowers etc. Just beautiful. And as for Chad who is one of my good friends growing up little brother and his stunning bride, Natasha, they were a very photogenic couple. Here are a few of the pictures that I took! Hope you Enjoy!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My First Fishing Adventure!

So Friday Night I invited myself to go along with Ben and his dad to go fishing. I know it's not really my thing and well I did go wade into the water when they were up in Baldwin but I didn't attempt to cast or even touch a rod, so that didn't count. So I mean its the middle of summer now and I am actually really surprised Ben hasn't dragged me out there yet! He even took my dad out! So he really loves it a lot and I want to enjoy and take part in what he loves doing so I figured I could tag along and start my first lesson. So his mom, dad, Ben and I went over to Rockford (stopped at Arnie's for dinner and got free cupcakes!) and went into a big river and I got my first lesson. My favorite part is actually just putting on the huge waders that go up to my shoulders and wade into the river and not actually get wet! Haha! So yeah apparently I am pretty decent at casting already, by the way we were fly fishing not normal fishing (whatever thats called). But I didn't catch anything, no one even got a bite, but at least I got some casting practice in and hopefully next time I'll get a catch. Although I am thinking when I actually do, I'll probably freak out enough that I'll either drop the rod or somehow let the fish escape haha. Guess we'll see. Here's a few pics though!
And tomorrow I'll post wedding pics!

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Jake Owen: Easy Does It

Don't Think I Can't Love You ~

So girl I can't buy you a big diamond ring
No house on a hill full of life's finer things

And I'll tell you right now there's a whole lot that I just can't do

Oh, but baby don't think I can't love you

Cassie's Bachelorette Party!

So Thursday night we all went out for Cassie's Bachelorette Party. I know this is a little late on the posting but I wanted to post a few pics and tell you about what we did. So we went out to dinner at Old Chicago in Lansing. I have never been there and it was a really good pizza place. Then after that we went to a Comedy Club. Somewhere else I have never been. I went into it not really expecting what it was, but it was really good. I mean a little vulger at some points, but thats kinda expected and it was really fun. There were a few short acts and then two main ones and they were really hilarious! So it was all around a really good fun night!

Here's a few pics of the gorgeous bride to be and the clan of girls that all went along!

Cassie and all her "free stuff" and a handmade puke bucket that says "for the inexperienced drinkers!" haha it was funny. Luckily no one had to use it!

Cassie and I

The whole group

Cassie with her sash and crown!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cassie and Luke... Sneak Peek!

So today Cassie and Luke got married! Cassie has been a good friend of mine for many years and we have so many memories! They also came up here for the 4th of July. Sot it was amazing being there and spending the day with them. I have been very blessed with a friendship like hers! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day!

I also will post some pictures later of Cassie's bachelorette party and tell you about our adventures there! Oh yeah and my first fishing outing! Sorry we got in really later the past two nights so I haven't blogged! I promised Chrissy and John's wedding and that is coming too!!! Tomorrow I swear haha...

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Brad Paisley: American Saturday Night
Then ~ (Which also happened to be Cassie and Luke's First Dance!)
What I can't see is how I'm ever gonna love you more,
But I've said that before.
And now you're my whole life, now you're my whole world,

I just can't believe the way I feel about you, girl.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home. Mice and Movies. Yes weird.

So I am heading home in the morning for a Bachelorette party for my friend Cassie and to do some other errands in Jackson. Then back up early Friday morning. So I will post probably again on Friday about the Bachelorette Party. It is at a Comedy Club in Lansing and I have never been to one, so I am looking forward to it, should be interesting!

Also totally forgot to post about this one. But being summer and all and don't know if its a seasonal thing or if I am just being retarded but we have been catching a few mice lately. Now we are good about setting up traps and well I have this amazing boyfriend who takes care of them for me, so I don't have to worry about that part! Well the other night were sitting there watching tv and I hear the SLAM and then some scurrying of little feet. So I said "Ithink we got one", it has been a while since we caught one. So Ben climbs up and checks and says "Hey look! See how this one gets fatter closer to the tail, its Pregnant! Good thing we caught them before all those babies started running around" OMG Do you think I want to see a pregnant half dead mouse still squirming inside a metal trap for her life?!! Seriously so gross! I said Don't tell me that! Yeah so interesting.

Also Angela came up on Sunday and we went and saw "My Sisters Keeper". Which I am very upset about!! They completely changed the book! It was so good, yes horribly sad but still soo good. And the ending in the movie just wasn't the same, and didn't have the same impact.
Then tonight, My Dad, Ben and I all went to see the movie Earth at the dollar theater. It was soo amazing, I loved watching and learning about all the animals struggling to survive in our world. Yes I did cry a few times, because seriously who wants to see baby wild animals get attacked by lions and tigers and wolves?! So sad! But other than that I was thoroughly entertained and learned alot and they are just sooo cute! Definitely watch that one!

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Colbie Caillat: Coco
Bubbly~ It starts in my soul. And I lose all control . When you kiss my nose
The feelin shows. Cause you make me smile

It's Raining... Monsoons...

So this morning I woke up at about 5:00 a.m. to the sound of the pouring rain pounding against my windows. Well actually my windows were open, so the sound was deafening. But I loved it :) I love rainstorms, the thunder clashing and lightning so bright it lights up the whole room! Ahhh I just layed there listening to every drop, it was incredibly soothing. I went downstairs and got Reggie and he came up and cuddled with me. Luckily I do have a dog that is not afraid of thunderstorms and he will just lay there and enjoy them with me!

And for some reason rainstorms always makes me want to listen to Jack Johnson. Haha don't know why. He just seems to match the rhythm of the rain...

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Jack Johnson: In Between Dreams
Banana Pancakes~
Cant you see that its just raining, Aint no need to go outside...
Maybe we can sleep in. Ill make you banana pancakes.Pretend like its the weekend now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Music... Yeah I'm Posting about It!

So it may be kinda lame to everyone but I always think it is the coolest thing when I read other peoples blogs or myspaces or whatever and they have that little "currently listening" to thing at the bottom. So I decided I am going to do that, since I love music and I am constantly listening to it and well there just so many amazing lyrics and great songs. I am listening to music all the time while I am working on my computer or driving to Grand Rapids to work. So thought I'd share haha. And I am going to add to it and write down my favorite sentence of the songs. So it kinda explains why I love it! So here's the first one... Oh yeah and I'll post a new wedding later tonight or tomorrow! So check back!

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Elvis Presley: Ultimate Gospel
Peace In The Valley-
"There'll be no sadness, no sorrow. No trouble, trouble I see. There will be peace in the valley for me"

Letting you know...

I am gonna post again later tonight, heading out to Ben's softball game right now!

Arft Reception

So this is a really really late post... but I did a reception at the end of May and I am just now posting some pictures. I say reception, because thats what it was. They had gotten married in Hawaii the week before and had a reception downtown at Daryl's in Jackson for close family and friends. It was a gorgeous reception with the cutest details and bright colors and a one of a kind bird cake! So here is a few pictures from that.