The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Finally got a picture to upload this is from one of the falls we hit up the first day. This is Toccae Falls, I think? haha anyways it was one of my favorites!

So we are in Helen, Georgia. I tried to get online last night but the internet at our hotel is apparently shut down!!! So mad! So I am sitting in the parking lot of another hotel. But Helen is a cute little Bavarian town in northern Georgia. It is the cutest little town in the mountains and it has a big rier that runs through it and there are probably about 6 or 7 waterfalls within like 30 miles of it! So we went to two yesterday and stopped by one this morning. The first one we went to yesterday was called Toccoe Falls (haha I think that’s how its spelled.) And it was on the campus of the Toccoe College and it was really pretty and quite large. It was like a 186ft. drop, something like that which it said was 25ft. taller than Niagara Falls. So it was really cool. Easy access and not a long walk at all. Then on the way from Toccoe to Helen we went through Tallahuha Falls, which actually ended up being a gorge with not a waterfall but a large dam. Which would if been cool to see except the dam was right under the main bridge/road that goes through town. So we stopped and walked back, under the bridge and on the bridge and there really just isn’t a good angle! I was kinda mad I mean why as humans would you build a large dam and have a gorgeous waterfall coming out but not have it be visible to anyone? Seriously. I mean if I want to get a good shot of it, I probably had to climb down like oh a 200ft. cliff. No biggie. Really.
So we get to Helen and like I was saying it’s a cute little village and everything is lit up and the architecture is that European white stucco with the brown wooden trim around everything and then that was all trimmed with lights and there were little fountains and restaurants along the river. Oh and the best part was there was horse drawn carriages everywhere!! I love those. I have only rode in one once and it was around Nashville at night with my friend Cassie ☺ under a light mist of rain. Oh the memories haha. Anyways so this morning we woke up and went to the big waterfall here in Helen, it is called Anna Ruby Falls. Its is actually two rivers that run together and meet, so there is two waterfalls pouring out. One is a steep direct dropoff at like 80 some feet and the other is much taller but it is a slower cascade down. But really cool to see two different ones right next to each other. Those are located in the Unicai National State Park which is habited by lots of Copperhead Rattlers! Luckily we didn’t come across any though!!
Now we are off to see more waterfalls, then up into Kentucky to spend the night!

Okay so i tried to upload a pic of the waterfall but no luck since I am basically stealing internet! So maybe tonight! Check back tonight or tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some up! Sorry!

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