The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pictures of Waterfalls!!!

So today we basically drove all day. Well I should say I drove all day, since I am the sole driver of this trip. And well we didn't make it out of Georgia till about 6. Which means I spent the whole entire day in Northern Georgia chasing after waterfalls. We hit up about 7, but there was a couple we didn't go look at because since my dads recent quad replacement surgery he still is walking with a limp and so to hike about 3-4 miles roundtrip to the falls just isn't as doable as it used to be. But other than that we still did hike about 5 miles or so, but it was cut up into segments, like one falls we hiked like .3 one way and then like .5 one way and then the big ones were like .8-.9 one way so those took awhile for him. But it was worth it. My little cousin Anya (who I mentioned tagged along) she is 12 and is adopted from Russia about 4 years ago, so she had never seen the mountains let alone 100ft. waterfalls. So that was pretty exciting for her and there was one we went swimming in and she loved loved it! She would climb up a little ways and slide down the smooth rocks and although I thought he water was freezing... apparently she was having too much fun to care! Here is a few of the falls we stopped at!
Here is the cute little town of Helen I was telling you about! There's a day and night shot!

Both falls together! The Anna Falls on the left and the Ruby Falls on the right. They are both named after the founders daughters.
Anna Ruby Falls (above) It was actually two waterfalls from two separate rivers that came together but this is just the Ruby Falls.

This (above) is the HoneyCreek or Huntpley Falls or something with an H. Anyways this is the one where there was swimming and if you look closely on the right in the picture Anya is sliding down the rocks above the two little kids.

This was the largest one we saw. The Amicalicola Falls. But omg it was a huge hike. Not so much in distance but the incline was sooo steep and my legs were burning soooo bad by the time we got to the lookout. Then at the lookout you had to climb like 200 stairs! Needless to say I got a definite workout today! This waterfall was gorgeous though and soooo high!

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