The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Josh and Christy!

So Josh is an old friend of mine from College and he called me up awhile ago and said hey "I am getting engaged, I want you to come take some pics of the engagement!" So he had this whole night planned and he set up this little "photo shoot" since he has been living overseas and they don't have a lot of pictures together. So its kinda funny cuz if she suespected the engagement it was right now while we were taking pictures at sunset, and I even videotaped for a lil while! But it wasn't until later that night and I had to sneak out to the beach and meet up with his guy friends who were setting up the engagment part. And there was a huge heart drawn in the sand with candles and rose petals, and a trail of tiki torches going all the way down! It was sooo cute and romantic! So here are some pics of the two of them, and I will add the actual engagement part later tonight! Enjoy!

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