The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Disney Disaster

So today we went to Disney World! We meaning, my dad (who tagged along for the work trip) and my little 12 year old cousin Anya (who my dad brought along for company, while I work). And it was her first time and it was our last day to relax and hang out (well actually my only day), so we went to Disney. So we get there early and everything and I am all excited because I love it haha! So I think we should head to Space Mountain first since its liek the biggest ride and the longest lines, but its like right as it opens, so I am hoping to catch it decently without having to wait an hour! So we get there and well Space Mountain is shut down!! What!! And its shut down until winter! So mad! Oh well. So we head to like all the other lands... having fun anyways. So we get to Haunted Mansion (my absolute favorite ride) and as we are walking in line, they send us away because why? Oh Haunted Mansion just shut down! what?! Now my two favorite rides are down! SOOO Mad! Omg so we head over to Frontierland and go to the two big rides there and as we are walking up to Thunder Mountain there is a guy standing there at the entrance with a sign that says CLOSED! You got to be kidding me? So we turn aroud the corner and go to Splash Mountain and walk into a wall of people because hmmm wonder why... Oh its just Splash Mountain just broke down so everyone is getting out of line! I can not believe this! Who goes to Disney World and not have Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Railroad and Haunted Mansion? I mean who would pay a park entrance fee to have all the big rides out? I am so mad. So anyways we head over and ride on Pirates, which luckily is not a very big line. And then the Jungle Cruise. And then we head back to our fastpass at Peter Pan. And as we are walking out of Peter Pan, oh guess what hmmmm sudden, spontaneous Florida Downpour! Oh yeah i am not talking misting little sprinkles here, I am talking you stand in it for about 45 seconds and your drenched! But as Florida was like 96 degrees, it actually felt kinda nice. So then when we are walking back out... Haunted Mansion was just opening back up, so we basically walked on. And then No one was out still cuz they were all taking shelter so we headed over to Thunder Railroad and hopped on that in like 20 minutes (obviously it got running again as well). And then on the way out we got on Pirates for a second time as the last ride of the day because it was 10 minute wait which literally was about 30 seconds. No joke. we walked on and waited as the boat pulled up. So all in all it wasn't a bad day, just some disasters there in the beginning, but thankfully the rides opened back up. And although I am sad t hat Space Mountain is closed and Splash I am glad that we got to go on my favorite and Thunder and that everything else went smoothly and there really wasn't that bad of lines. And of course it is always fun taking someone for the first time and watching them be amazed by everything and so excited, it just kinda gives it a little more sparkle for me :)
Oh yeah and I know I may be a week away from 25. But I still get teared up (just a lil, nothing pouring out) everytime I first walk through those entrance gates into the park. Not gonna lie. It's just one of those "magical" places and its just amazing, and everyone should go there at least once. And I am so lucky I have been quite a few times, but honestly I never get sick of being a little kid and well I still like dreaming I'm a Little Princess :)

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  1. Disney IS magical!!! I tear up, too! :)

    ~ breanna