The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cops and Dogs!

Haha yeah weird title I know... But I got two semi funny stories and they involve Reggie (my dog) and a cop. So first story is yesterday morning, I am sitting downstairs working on my computer and let me just say I just rolled out of bed and ate breakfast, so totally not expecting company or anything and so still in my pjs (which just happens to be just an old school knicks jersey, yeah random I know, but its like 100 degrees out) So yeah I hear a knock which scares me to death first off, so apparently I should have looked first but did not. So well I open the door to a hmmm handsome male police officer in uniform, including the aviator sunglasses :) (just picture it) Yeah needless to say we were both a little surprised probably haha. Well I wasn't in trouble and really the visit had nothing to do with me, I just found that quite hilarious and entertaining and well yeah not expecting a cop on my doorstep first thing in the morning haha.
So second funny thing, guess this one really isn't that funny but today Deb and I were out running with Reggie and an ambulance went by so we slowed down and let him soar on by but as soon as he got kinda close Reggie started the whole coyote howl!!! OMG it was sooo hilarious (to us) and sooo cute because I have never ever heard him do that before! I have heard Ziya (Angela's dog) before but she is a huskie so I figured it was more of the whole wolf thing going on, but today was great he was like mimicking the siren sounds! I loved it and I've been howling at him all night trying to get him to do it again, but its not working, so basically I just look like a loser! (Good thing I live alone).
p.s. I am loving the beach!

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