The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Matt and Sarah (a.k.a. The Rainstorm Wedding)

So I posted a little bit ago about heading down to Florida to shoot an outside wedding and it ended up pouring! Well here are some of the pictures from the wedding. Luckily we got some shots in before the ceremony and the rain started... and then we got some in the rain! I loved working with Sarah and Matt, with all the unexpected rains and everything else they were so laid back and just went with the flow, after all it is supposed to the happiest day of your life and well for them it truly was. Nothing got them down and it ended up being a beautiful and touching wedding and an awesome story! Hope you Enjoy!

Cops and Dogs!

Haha yeah weird title I know... But I got two semi funny stories and they involve Reggie (my dog) and a cop. So first story is yesterday morning, I am sitting downstairs working on my computer and let me just say I just rolled out of bed and ate breakfast, so totally not expecting company or anything and so still in my pjs (which just happens to be just an old school knicks jersey, yeah random I know, but its like 100 degrees out) So yeah I hear a knock which scares me to death first off, so apparently I should have looked first but did not. So well I open the door to a hmmm handsome male police officer in uniform, including the aviator sunglasses :) (just picture it) Yeah needless to say we were both a little surprised probably haha. Well I wasn't in trouble and really the visit had nothing to do with me, I just found that quite hilarious and entertaining and well yeah not expecting a cop on my doorstep first thing in the morning haha.
So second funny thing, guess this one really isn't that funny but today Deb and I were out running with Reggie and an ambulance went by so we slowed down and let him soar on by but as soon as he got kinda close Reggie started the whole coyote howl!!! OMG it was sooo hilarious (to us) and sooo cute because I have never ever heard him do that before! I have heard Ziya (Angela's dog) before but she is a huskie so I figured it was more of the whole wolf thing going on, but today was great he was like mimicking the siren sounds! I loved it and I've been howling at him all night trying to get him to do it again, but its not working, so basically I just look like a loser! (Good thing I live alone).
p.s. I am loving the beach!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mi Casa Bonita :)

So here are some pictures of my cute new little house! It's so colorful and summery!

Hello there... Sorry it has been a few days. I have enjoyed being home from Florida and just taking a break and relaxing for a few days. Thanks everyone for the wonderful Birthday wishes and it was a great day. I said all I wanted to do was do nothing all day since it was the first day in like 3 months I could do that haha. Okay, maybe not that long but it has been awhile. So yes I have been slacking, but now I am getting back on track. Today I am gonna be outside and planting some flowers at my new house. I really enjoyed going with my mom and grandma to the market Saturday morning and getting some vegetables and flowers and herbs. Having this house and a big yard and of course summer fever, I am really interested in learning about gardening and trying to grow some herbs and a few vegetables and try my hand at cooking! So we'll see how that goes. We also go the jetski in the water this weekend. Finally. Which actually took awhile haha, who would ever think we could get the jetski to start by having it in the water and jumping it with cables from a car on land?! Crazy huh? But hey whatever gets that baby running! Love it! Well I am off to start planting some flowers, I plan on taking some pictures of my new house and yard and so I will post some up. Also I am started on the rainstorm, Florida wedding, so I will get some of those pictures up soon too!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Josh and Christy!

So Josh is an old friend of mine from College and he called me up awhile ago and said hey "I am getting engaged, I want you to come take some pics of the engagement!" So he had this whole night planned and he set up this little "photo shoot" since he has been living overseas and they don't have a lot of pictures together. So its kinda funny cuz if she suespected the engagement it was right now while we were taking pictures at sunset, and I even videotaped for a lil while! But it wasn't until later that night and I had to sneak out to the beach and meet up with his guy friends who were setting up the engagment part. And there was a huge heart drawn in the sand with candles and rose petals, and a trail of tiki torches going all the way down! It was sooo cute and romantic! So here are some pics of the two of them, and I will add the actual engagement part later tonight! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Final Stretch...

On the last stretch, Lexington, KY tonight .... Tomorrow I'll be back home!

Pictures of Waterfalls!!!

So today we basically drove all day. Well I should say I drove all day, since I am the sole driver of this trip. And well we didn't make it out of Georgia till about 6. Which means I spent the whole entire day in Northern Georgia chasing after waterfalls. We hit up about 7, but there was a couple we didn't go look at because since my dads recent quad replacement surgery he still is walking with a limp and so to hike about 3-4 miles roundtrip to the falls just isn't as doable as it used to be. But other than that we still did hike about 5 miles or so, but it was cut up into segments, like one falls we hiked like .3 one way and then like .5 one way and then the big ones were like .8-.9 one way so those took awhile for him. But it was worth it. My little cousin Anya (who I mentioned tagged along) she is 12 and is adopted from Russia about 4 years ago, so she had never seen the mountains let alone 100ft. waterfalls. So that was pretty exciting for her and there was one we went swimming in and she loved loved it! She would climb up a little ways and slide down the smooth rocks and although I thought he water was freezing... apparently she was having too much fun to care! Here is a few of the falls we stopped at!
Here is the cute little town of Helen I was telling you about! There's a day and night shot!

Both falls together! The Anna Falls on the left and the Ruby Falls on the right. They are both named after the founders daughters.
Anna Ruby Falls (above) It was actually two waterfalls from two separate rivers that came together but this is just the Ruby Falls.

This (above) is the HoneyCreek or Huntpley Falls or something with an H. Anyways this is the one where there was swimming and if you look closely on the right in the picture Anya is sliding down the rocks above the two little kids.

This was the largest one we saw. The Amicalicola Falls. But omg it was a huge hike. Not so much in distance but the incline was sooo steep and my legs were burning soooo bad by the time we got to the lookout. Then at the lookout you had to climb like 200 stairs! Needless to say I got a definite workout today! This waterfall was gorgeous though and soooo high!

Disney Pic

Here's a picture of My dad and Me at Disney World!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Finally got a picture to upload this is from one of the falls we hit up the first day. This is Toccae Falls, I think? haha anyways it was one of my favorites!

So we are in Helen, Georgia. I tried to get online last night but the internet at our hotel is apparently shut down!!! So mad! So I am sitting in the parking lot of another hotel. But Helen is a cute little Bavarian town in northern Georgia. It is the cutest little town in the mountains and it has a big rier that runs through it and there are probably about 6 or 7 waterfalls within like 30 miles of it! So we went to two yesterday and stopped by one this morning. The first one we went to yesterday was called Toccoe Falls (haha I think that’s how its spelled.) And it was on the campus of the Toccoe College and it was really pretty and quite large. It was like a 186ft. drop, something like that which it said was 25ft. taller than Niagara Falls. So it was really cool. Easy access and not a long walk at all. Then on the way from Toccoe to Helen we went through Tallahuha Falls, which actually ended up being a gorge with not a waterfall but a large dam. Which would if been cool to see except the dam was right under the main bridge/road that goes through town. So we stopped and walked back, under the bridge and on the bridge and there really just isn’t a good angle! I was kinda mad I mean why as humans would you build a large dam and have a gorgeous waterfall coming out but not have it be visible to anyone? Seriously. I mean if I want to get a good shot of it, I probably had to climb down like oh a 200ft. cliff. No biggie. Really.
So we get to Helen and like I was saying it’s a cute little village and everything is lit up and the architecture is that European white stucco with the brown wooden trim around everything and then that was all trimmed with lights and there were little fountains and restaurants along the river. Oh and the best part was there was horse drawn carriages everywhere!! I love those. I have only rode in one once and it was around Nashville at night with my friend Cassie ☺ under a light mist of rain. Oh the memories haha. Anyways so this morning we woke up and went to the big waterfall here in Helen, it is called Anna Ruby Falls. Its is actually two rivers that run together and meet, so there is two waterfalls pouring out. One is a steep direct dropoff at like 80 some feet and the other is much taller but it is a slower cascade down. But really cool to see two different ones right next to each other. Those are located in the Unicai National State Park which is habited by lots of Copperhead Rattlers! Luckily we didn’t come across any though!!
Now we are off to see more waterfalls, then up into Kentucky to spend the night!

Okay so i tried to upload a pic of the waterfall but no luck since I am basically stealing internet! So maybe tonight! Check back tonight or tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some up! Sorry!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Disney Disaster

So today we went to Disney World! We meaning, my dad (who tagged along for the work trip) and my little 12 year old cousin Anya (who my dad brought along for company, while I work). And it was her first time and it was our last day to relax and hang out (well actually my only day), so we went to Disney. So we get there early and everything and I am all excited because I love it haha! So I think we should head to Space Mountain first since its liek the biggest ride and the longest lines, but its like right as it opens, so I am hoping to catch it decently without having to wait an hour! So we get there and well Space Mountain is shut down!! What!! And its shut down until winter! So mad! Oh well. So we head to like all the other lands... having fun anyways. So we get to Haunted Mansion (my absolute favorite ride) and as we are walking in line, they send us away because why? Oh Haunted Mansion just shut down! what?! Now my two favorite rides are down! SOOO Mad! Omg so we head over to Frontierland and go to the two big rides there and as we are walking up to Thunder Mountain there is a guy standing there at the entrance with a sign that says CLOSED! You got to be kidding me? So we turn aroud the corner and go to Splash Mountain and walk into a wall of people because hmmm wonder why... Oh its just Splash Mountain just broke down so everyone is getting out of line! I can not believe this! Who goes to Disney World and not have Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Railroad and Haunted Mansion? I mean who would pay a park entrance fee to have all the big rides out? I am so mad. So anyways we head over and ride on Pirates, which luckily is not a very big line. And then the Jungle Cruise. And then we head back to our fastpass at Peter Pan. And as we are walking out of Peter Pan, oh guess what hmmmm sudden, spontaneous Florida Downpour! Oh yeah i am not talking misting little sprinkles here, I am talking you stand in it for about 45 seconds and your drenched! But as Florida was like 96 degrees, it actually felt kinda nice. So then when we are walking back out... Haunted Mansion was just opening back up, so we basically walked on. And then No one was out still cuz they were all taking shelter so we headed over to Thunder Railroad and hopped on that in like 20 minutes (obviously it got running again as well). And then on the way out we got on Pirates for a second time as the last ride of the day because it was 10 minute wait which literally was about 30 seconds. No joke. we walked on and waited as the boat pulled up. So all in all it wasn't a bad day, just some disasters there in the beginning, but thankfully the rides opened back up. And although I am sad t hat Space Mountain is closed and Splash I am glad that we got to go on my favorite and Thunder and that everything else went smoothly and there really wasn't that bad of lines. And of course it is always fun taking someone for the first time and watching them be amazed by everything and so excited, it just kinda gives it a little more sparkle for me :)
Oh yeah and I know I may be a week away from 25. But I still get teared up (just a lil, nothing pouring out) everytime I first walk through those entrance gates into the park. Not gonna lie. It's just one of those "magical" places and its just amazing, and everyone should go there at least once. And I am so lucky I have been quite a few times, but honestly I never get sick of being a little kid and well I still like dreaming I'm a Little Princess :)

Rainstorm Wedding

So tonight I am in Florida doing a wedding and it was gorgeous all day! Come wedding time its starting to cloud up. When we make it to the outside ceremony location it is on the verge of rain. Luckily I got some shots of the bride and groom before the rain outside on the beautiful Venetian Gardens! So the rain breaks and wow rainstorm, lightning, thunder, you name it it was coming down! So Sarah and Matt were amazing and didn't even think about it and got married there in the pouring rain under a gazebo! And the ceremony was beautiful and I think the rain made it that much more special. Can't wait to go through all the pics. Just grabbed one to show you and this is after the storm was threw but still the rain was coming down some and they were so willing to do whatever and sloshed into the rain for pictures! Amazing!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Matt and Amanda

Matt and Amanda are getting married on August 15th. We did some engagement pictures just a few weeks ago in Jackson at Ella Sharp Park and Cascades. I am excited for the wedding, they are both easy going and very sweet people. It definitely will be an awesome time!

Friday, June 12, 2009

... nap?

Taking an afternoon nap after laying in the sun all morning :)

Holy Smokes is it HOT!!

Oh my stars, it is sooo hot here. I instantly had sweat pouring out of every pore in my body when I first hit the outside! Well we are here (my dad and little cousin tagged along) and the resort were at is huge, well our condo is, 2 bedrooms, 3 baths and 2 stories!! I wish I had more time to relax! Well I am exhausted, I love flying, but hate how long they are... and we had some turbulence on the way down quite a bit. Apparently Tennessee is having some storms... SO yeah safe and and sound and about to crash in thise huge white bed and dream sweetly :)

p.s. I miss Reggie :(

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hoping I get to do some of this in Florida! But I doubt it since it is a work trip!!

I'm slacking already!

Sorry!!!! I have been a slacker already! I promised to post some pictures and I am getting around to it! But I've been editing like crazy and packing.... because in a few I am Florida Bound!! So yeah I just wanted to post that and promise I will get some up soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

... and so it has begun :)

I am now an official blogger! Hmmm I don't know how interesting this will be, but I have decided it is easier and more professional than posting everything on facebook. So we will see how it goes. I have had many photo jobs lately so will post some pics up of those and as many of you know I tend to travel quite a bit, so I can write and post pictures about that as well! And in between all the photo madness maybe something interesting will happen in my life and that will be added as well haha. We shall see. So this isn't only just a photo blog this will also be a personal one. Hopefully you all find it interesting :)

So posting some pics will come soon!